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Unanswered Questions for 80s Cartoons

Spoiler: These are questions for “girl” cartoons. Enjoy! As kids, we often easily accept the story we’re given, as long as it’s easy to understand and simple to digest. But as we age and we re-watch some of the shows we love…we realize that they sometimes just make no sense. And even worse is when they […]

10 Nerdy Trading Card Sets from the 90’s

One of the best things about growing up in the 90’s is that you could find something of the thing you loved in pretty much any format desired. One of my favorite things to collect was cards and stickers from Japan. For those of you who frequented comic shops you know as well as I […]

Rainbow Brite Returns In an All-New Comic Series reports that Hallmark’s ’80s icon Rainbow Brite is back, with a brand-new, all-ages comic arriving in stores this fall. Written by Jeremy Whitley with art by Brittney Williams, the series is the latest addition to Dynamite Entertainment’s line of kid-friendly comics. “Rainbow Brite captured the imaginations of kids born in the ’80s (like myself) […]

Fan Theory: Dr. Claw Isn’t the Villain in Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget was a thirty-minute cartoon show from the 1980s produced by DIC Entertainment. The premise was simple: a cyborg man loaded up with spy gear was given a “Mission of the Day” from his boss. His goal? To solve the mystery and put a stop to the scheming Dr. Claw, his awesome spiked bracelet, his […]