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10 Best Dunks (So Far) on Worst Superman Ever- Dean Cain

No one cares what the worst Superman ever, Dean Cain, has to say about the Man of Steel’s sexuality. Cain, who continues to audition for the real life role of an underwhelming supervillain, has once again expressed an unwanted opinion about Superman, a role he unfortunately once had the privilege of inhabiting.  Earlier this week, […]

James Gunn Proves DC Can Succeed with “The Suicide Squad” [Review]

“The Suicide Squad” finally gives Warner Bros. and DC a much needed improvement over its prior multi-character outings. While they have had a number of solo films that have been really good (and in cases arguably great) “Joker,” “Man of Steel,” and “Wonder Woman” all come strongly to mind. Unfortunately there has only been one […]

“Injustice: Gods Among Us” Animated Film Coming from WB!

The next DC Comics animated film from Warner Bros. Pictures will be based on the storyline of popular video game “Injustice: Gods Among Us“. While often flying under the radar, the wide selection of DC animated films have often been well received. Some of these releases are even considered to be superior films to their […]