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“Labyrinth” Celebrates 35 Years by Coming Back to Theaters!

Tease your hair and pull on those tight, tight pants, it’s time to dance magic dance in theaters! That’s right, Jim Henson‘s “Labyrinth” has been dazzling fantasy fans young and old for 35 years, and now we can relive the magic on the big screen! Staring the late great David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, the […]

Nandi Bushell’s Cover of Blur “Song 2” is Big 2021 Energy

You guys know we absolutely love young rock phenom Nandi Bushell, and anytime she releases a new video, we’re gonna tell you about it. This morning, Bushell really kicked off 2021 with the right energy, covering Blur’s iconic “Song 2.” There was the first time we saw Nandi absolutely KILL a song- Rage Against The […]

New Trailer for Unofficial David Bowie Biopic “Stardust” Hits

We have a lot of thoughts about the upcoming David Bowie biopic “Stardust,” and we’re really not sure how to word them. First and foremost, this is an unauthorized biopic, one that David Jones‘ (Bowie’s real name) family have gone on record saying they do not approve of. It’s unclear why, but the first full-length […]