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“Rocky Horror Picture Show” Castle is Now a Luxury Hotel

Rocky Horror Picture Show, queer anthem and cult classic, is a 1975 film adaptation of a musical created by Richard O’Brien. This parody tribute of B rated horror movies explored sexuality, alternative lifestyles, fashions, and an entire culture yet unexplored in such a brazen fashion. Still loved today by many as they keep the tradition […]

8 Tips to Remember While Cosplaying at a Con

Once your cosplay has been finished and you’re all ready for the convention here are things to be aware of before the con and once you get there. Know your character Having done research during the creation portion of cosplay is important. Once you are ready to go to the convention you should do some […]

8 Tips to Cosplaying on a Budget

Everyone who is awesome wants to cosplay their favorite characters. However, sometimes money doesn’t allow a cosplayer to fund a costume that they want to create. If this sounds like you, then I have 8 simple tips to help keep costs low and stay on a budget. TIP 1: Know Your Budget for Your Cosplay […]

Nerdbot Convention Review: San Diego Comic Fest

San Diego has one absolutely fantastic convention for true fans of comic books and animation. No, it’s not Comic Con. That’s a corporate machine for making money and showcasing Hollywood under the guise of nerd culture. The convention for real fans is San Diego Comic Fest. Comic Fest’s mascot by Scott Shaw. This year Comic […]

Single in a Nerdy World and Why it’s Okay

   One of the most common questions I get, especially on the dating websites is "Why are you single?". Although its probably one of the most annoying questions I get asked, it's a good question. Thoughts begin to whirl through my brain and I wonder... Why am I single?    I am attractive(not to be [...]

How to Keep The Cosplay Community Safe

What is Cosplay? Cosplay is the hobby in which someone dresses up as a character from some (fictional) medium such as film, television, comics, novels, manga, etc. Cosplay is a hobby that has gained popularity over the years; conventions, parties, and various social events have emerged surrounding cosplay. And with this is the inevitability of […]