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Russian Commercial Stars Bruce Willis, But There’s a Catch

Remember those fantastic foreign ads you’d see on the internet or in your hotel room on some vacation years ago? You’d sit up and point at the screen and say “Is that Nicolas Cage? Yelling about panchinko?” Foreign celebrity advertising is nothing new, and a great way for celebs who aren’t so keen on advertising […]

Bruce Willis, Back in an Air Duct for Die Hard, Having a Few Laughs

John McClane is the hero we need right now. Or I guess we could just say- Bruce Willis is? Perhaps his most iconic role, the “Die Hard” hero just appeared in a new commercial recreating one of the memorable moments from the Christmas Classic. Willis teamed up with Die Hard batteries for this adorable (and […]

Bruce Willis Booed By Phillies Fans For Bad First Pitch

Bruce Willis may be unbreakable when he roams the streets of Philadelphia as a vigilante in M. Night Shyamalan’s film, but he was anything but impressive when he threw out the first pitch before the Philadelphia Phillies played the Milwaukee Brewers on May 15. Willis is a native of New Jersey and filmed the movies […]

Glass: Unbreakable Trailer Breakdown

  The new trailer for Glass has been released. Fans are excited for M. Night Shyamalan’s third installment into the Unbreakable series. Here is a quick summation for those of you who have not seen any of the Unbreakable films. Shyamalan is known for his plot twists. I will try not to be too detailed […]

The New “Glass” Trailer Is LIVE (And It Is Simply Extraordinary)

Our times are those of impossible things happening. And sometimes those things are actually good. In the most unlikely twist in M. Night Shyalaman’s career since “makes a good movie again” the first trailer for Universal’s Glass is here. The not entirely surprising sequel to Split (2016) is also the entirely shocking sequel to 2000’s highly-underrated-but-grown-in-esteem-since Unbreakable. At its release, Shyamalan’s follow-up […]