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“The Last Duel” is Long, Thoughtful Ride to Epic Ending [Review]

Whenever a film is helmed by Ridley Scott, there’s no question about production quality and performances, it always comes down to how the script plays out on screen. With his latest film “The Last Duel,” if nothing else, it will be remembered for giving Matt Damon and Adam Driver yet more amazing character performances. It’s […]

No, Michael Keaton Batman is NOT Leading New Set of Movies

Sometimes, the world of entertainment journalism is one giant game of telephone. One person reports something with a one-word difference from the source, and suddenly it’s a whole different story. Kinda like the recent kerfuffle about Warner Bros. Pictures planning yet-another “Batman” film, starring previous Dark Knight, Michael Keaton. According to a few outlets, who […]

DC FanDome “The Flash” Teases Multiverse and Flashpoint

We’re not even halfway through Warner Bros. DC FanDome event, and today it was all about the Hall of Heroes. This included the release of a brand new “Wonder Woman 1984” trailer, Neil Gaiman updating on “Sandman,” and what exactly is happening with the Ezra Miller-starring “The Flash” solo film. We already knew a few […]

Henry Cavill Exits Superman Role

According to sources at The Hollywood Reporter , Henry Cavill is seemingly pulling out of all future Roles as Superman in the DC Universe and is parting ways with Warner Bros. The “S” hit the fan after the studios began focusing their production on the upcoming Supergirl origin story. The main conflict being the age […]

Ben Affleck’s New Role is an Insurance Liability

It’s crazy how one of popular comic book franchises in history can go through so much drama. Well folks… get ready because we’re in for another exciting installment of “what’s going on with Batfleck?” I can almost hear a studio audience saying that in unison like a bit on a a late night talk show. […]

Live Action Batman is a Violent Idiot

Batman – Bruce Wayne to the uninitiated – is a stoic, grim guardian of Gotham City and all those in need. Responding as a broken man to the death of his parents by criminals, he becomes a Dark Knight, a hero under the cover of darkness to fight the forces of evil. Even his greatest […]

Rumor: Jack Huston to play Batman?

With rumors circulating that Ben Affleck would be retiring from the role of Batman, Director Matt Reeves has been meeting with other actors to potentially play the Dark Knight in his upcoming Batman film. Revenge of the Fans reports that Reeves has been seeking a much younger actor to play Batman; as in 10-15 years younger than […]

Ben Affleck No Longer Batman – Other DCEU News

It’s been a couple weeks, we’ve had some time to digest the latest installment to the DC Extended Universe, Justice League. By now you’ve either read or heard every theory, review, perspective and justification the Internet has to offer. And that’s okay, I’m not here to sell you on the hidden greatness of the DCEU, […]