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Josh Brolin: 2018’s Champion Of The Superhero Film

Does anyone remember ten years or so ago when you heard that the older brother from Goonies grew up and became the guy in No Country For Old Men? Yeah… feels like yesterday. I remember my friend actually referring to him as “the one dude from Goonies who’s not in Lord Of The Rings”. Then […]

NASA Responds To ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer

Earlier today NASA tweeted some advice regarding how to save Tony Stark in the Avengers: Endgame trailer. The trailer shows us Tony essentially lost in space, and nearing the end of his oxygen supply.  “Food and water ran out four days ago… Oxygen will run out tomorrow morning,” Tony says in his message recording. NASA […]

Avengers 4 Trailer Set To Premiere Wednesday Morning

Fool me once Marvel…shame on you. Fool me twice…well, I’m okay with that! For the past few weeks we’ve been awaiting a trailer for Avengers 4 to be unleashed onto the world. So far all the speculation, including Nerdbot’s has been wrong! Now the twitter powers that be, the ones in the “know” are promising […]

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Went Back and Forth on How to End Movie reports that Bruce Banner and the Hulk had one of the more surprising story arcs in Avengers: Infinity War. Star Mark Ruffalo says it took the creative team working on the film some time to figure out exactly how that arc should end. Speaking on The Marvelists podcast, Ruffalo says there was a lot of […]

Avengers 4 Could Be Released Sooner than Expected

According to the new IMAX schedule Avengers 4 may have been moved up by an entire month. Originally slated for May 3rd 2019 the schedule now shows April 2019 for theatrical release. The recent change reflects the date that was programmed for an international release date in April. states that it is possible that IMAX was accounting […]

2018 Is The Year For Marvel Villains (Spoilers)

Alright everyone, it’s been over a week since Avengers: Infinity War dropped like an atomic bomb. Personally I feel with a cinematic event such as this, seven days is the appropriate amount of time to elapse before I’d engage in any discussion where spoilers can be revealed. So if you haven’t seen it yet, click […]

Where is O.G. Star Wars?

With Solo: A Star Wars Story coming out May 25th, it would be nice to get together with friends and revisit the original trilogy that made us all love Han Solo. When sending out invites for a watch party, the question that keeps coming back is this: “Which version do you have?” Seeing as my […]

Nerdbot Movie Reviews : Avengers Infinity War (Spoiler Free)

  Years upon years of story telling, character development and new villains has brought us to this point. 10 years in the making, Avengers : Infinity War has arrived. This movie is a roller-coaster of emotions, character dynamics upon meeting for the first time, and desperation. Was it a perfect movie? As a stand alone […]