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Nerdbot’s Review Of Nu Way #4 From Aspen Comics

It’s Aspen Comics time again over here at Nerdbot, and this week we’re resuming coverage of a very unique and entertaining series Nu Way. Think a meched out Russell Crowe Gladiator style competition where humans come equipped with crazy weapon arms and the most badass body armor the city of New Sheng has to offer.  Only […]

Nerdbot’s Review Of Dellec Vol. # 2, Issue #2

There is a certain beauty in simplicity.  Not every single thing has to be some layered mystery wrapped inside a riddle, wrapped in an enigma. Which brings me to our weekly coverage of various series from our friends over at Aspen Comics, and now the new issue of Dellec is upon us. I think you […]

Nerdbot Review: Artifact One Issue #1

One after another like a perfectly oiled machine of graphic entertainment, our friends at Aspen have been dropping independent comic dimes. This week’s review is of Artifact One #1, scheduled to arrive in stores on October 10th. Now I know you’re seeing a number one in the title of this issue but technically we’re on […]

Nerdbot Reviews: The Latest Issue Of Executive Assistant Iris

Our friends over at Aspen Comics have rolled out some pretty legit content over the last couple months. Believe me, I am reading a bunch of their stuff and for Nerdbot’s weekly independent comic discussion we will turn our eyes to a rather unique series called Executive Assistant Iris. For those of you who aren’t […]

Nerdbot Reviews: Aspen Comics’ Nu Way #3

It’s Aspen time here at Nerdbot and this week we’re taking it back to the futuristic landscape of New Zheng as we get ready for a brand new chapter of Nu Way. Since I have been reading slash reviewing comics from Aspen I’ve had to kind of jump into the series. No joke, diving face […]

Nerdbot Comic Review: Dellec Vol. #2 Issue #1

Aspen Comics drops yet another new series on us this week! Hopefully by now you’ve picked up a couple of these books we’ve reviewed as there are some very special things happening in the world of independent publications. The folks over at Aspen have been kind enough to give us a copy of Dellec Vol […]

Nerdbot Reviews Fathom: Vol. #7, Issue #3

Did you know Fathom was a best selling comic back in 1998? I had no idea either. Just a little factoid for you as we begin another round of discussion about the latest from Aspen Comics. This week we turn our eyes to Fathom, a signature series from Aspen that if were a human, would […]

Nerdbot Review: Dissension War Eternal #2

We’re back with another review from our friends over at Aspen Comics. This time, I’m here to discuss the latest issue of Dissension: War Eternal. Chapter two, titled Architects Of The Apocalypse continues the story of renegade angels who came down from the heavens to stop an epic war. We begin the story in a […]

Nerdbot Review: Executive Assistant Iris Vol #5, Issue #4

This week Nerdbot was fortunate enough to do a review trilogy of the latest from our friends at Aspen Comics. I got to check a brand new series called Artifact One as well as the most recent issue of the Soulfire saga. It has been a pleasure getting the opportunity to check out something other […]

Nerdbot Comic Book Review: Soulfire Vol. #7, Issue #2

Back in 2003 Soulfire blazed into comic book shops across the nation and has been a staple series for Aspen Comics ever since. I actually learned that from a brief prologue found on page one of “Out Of The Past”, the latest installment of the Soulfire saga. We’re now in Volume 7, the second part […]