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BioWare Halts Further Development of “Anthem,” Servers to Remain Open

The troubled story of EA and BioWare’s 2019 game “Anthem” has come to an unceremonious end. Earlier this month, “Anthem” publisher Electronic Arts was reportedly mulling over whether to allow BioWare to continue trying to revamp and improve the game, or shut it down altogether. On February 24th, 2021, a post from Christian Dailey on […]

‘Anthem’ Players Stage Weeklong Blackout

It’s time to send those javelins in for repairs because the world of Anthem will be a lot less active this week. Players everywhere are joining in on a blackout to protest BioWare’s unbalanced loot system. The unrest began almost immediately after the game’s launch. Many Anthem players were disappointed with the loot system as […]

Sony is Now Offering Full Refunds to ‘Anthem’ Digital Purchasers

Sony is now offering full refunds to those who have purchased BioWare’s Anthem game digitally. There has been a string of problems with the game crashing on both the XBox One and PS4. Most commonly the game is causing systems to crash. More than just crashing the game is also shutting down the system, often […]

Anthem’s Matchmaking Will Cover Everything

With Anthem’s full launch a month away, there are a lot of questions from players. Ben Irving, one of the lead producers of Anthem and host of many BioWare gameplay streams, took to Twitter yesterday to answer one of these questions. There will be matchmaking and it will be everywhere. Twitter user Loki Prime asked […]