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Top 10 Fear Street Books by R.L. Stine

Happy Halloween month! We’re pushing on those spooky traditions with another awesome listicle. But this time, I’m going to prove nostalgia isn’t dead (or that I’m just getting older with no idea about how to talk about something new) by counting down my Top 10 BEST Fear Street books by R.L. Stine. Now remember, Fear […]

Korn is in the “Koffee” Business Now

90s metal band Korn has gotten into the coffee business by partnering up with J. Gursey Coffee Roasters to release its very own line of “Korn Koffee.” While other bands go the libation route with whiskys, beers, and champagnes, Korn kept it family friendly by making sure their friends were at peak caffeine levels. The […]

A European Trademark Teases The N64 Classic Release

We all assume (or hope) that the N64 Classic is on its way. After all, it’s a piece of hardware that’s been hinted at since the success of both the NES Classic and SNES Classic Edition systems. But now it appears that Nintendo is ready to move forward on it — and possibly sooner than […]

Coolest McDonald’s Toys 1993-97

I present you now with part two of my favorite McDonald’s toy sets. This time we are covering 1993-1997 in another 5 year span. This is going to be hard to narrow down to ten so instead here are 15 that really stood out to me as a kid. Hope you enjoy, and let me […]