Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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New Batman The Animated Series Tie-In Comic Coming!

A new tie-in to Batman the Animated Series is coming!

The Witcher To Begin Filming Season 2 This Month

The Witcher season two will begin filming this month!

Baby Yoda is the Best-Selling Funko Pop of All Time

Baby Yoda has the most pre-orders of all time!

Crisis On Infinite Earths Is A Celebration of DC’s Enduring Heart

It's the sixth Arrowverse Crisis and the Whole multiverse is at stake. Welcome Nerdbot's review of Crisis On Infinite Earths. Hope you survive the experience.

Ezra Miller’s Flash Cameos In DC TV’s Crisis Event

Ezra Miller Flash Meet's Grant Gustin Flash in this Years DCTV Event, Crisis On Infinite Earths.

‘The Witcher’ And Britney Spears’ Toxic Make a Surprisingly Good Duo

The Witcher set to Britney Spears' Toxic is an amazing blend

Subscribers Are Canceling Their Disney+ Subscriptions After Mandalorian Season Ends

Mandalorian ends, and so does a lot of Disney Plus subsciptions

New Female Arrow Series Just Released

Arrow: Unlimited is a new fan series by Nerdbot Studios, re-imagining staple DC characters in a world where all heroes and villains are genderbent.

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Jack Black Dances to A-ha’s Take On Me While Social Distancing

Jack Black takes a moment to cheer us all up while he's practicing social distancing at home.

Watch this Forgotten Gem: ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ as Read by Christopher Walken

We've found a real relic from the time of internet past!

Mountain Dew Flavored Doritos Are Here

Mountain Dew Doritos exist! Who wants to try some?