Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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[Rumor] New “Dirty Dancing” Film Starring Jennifer Grey Happening?!

So, this rumor has a pretty big nugget of truth to it. There is a dancing film currently in the works at...

[Rumor] Nintendo 64 “Turok” is Being Remastered for the PS4

PS4 trophies were leaked online. Get ready for Turok to drop on the PS4!

[Rumor] Is Queen Bey Really Headed To Wakanda for “Black Panther 2?”

Beyonce is rumored to be in negotiations for multiple projects for Disney, including working on "Black Panther 2"

[Rumor] Resident Evil 8 May Have Up To 3 Playable Characters

It's being said that the newest Resident Evil 8 will have up to three players you will have control over.

[Rumor] Disney Reportedly Looking to do Live-Action “The Black Cauldron”

This story is currently still in rumor territory, but we are more than average confidence level in the likelihood of it being...

[Rumor] Henry Cavill’s Superman Isn’t Done in Warner Bros. Universe

Could Henry Cavill be coming back to Warner Bros. DC universe as Superman?

[RUMOR] Is Disney+ Working on “Kingdom Hearts” Series?

RUMOR- Disney+ MAY be looking into developing something using the "Kingdom Hearts" video game franchise. Big big rumor.

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