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Taco Bell Still Running Short of Some Key Ingredients

If you go to the official Taco Bell website, you may be greeted with a picture that shows that flatbread tacos are coming. In the picture you can see the beef and chicken with cheese and lettuce, tomatoes and sauce piled up on top of them. Then if you look in the upper left corner […]

No, In-N-Out Doesn’t Have Chicken Sandwiches

Remember how people used to say “You can’t believe everything you see online?” Well, here’s a startling piece of information related to that- “YOU CAN’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ONLINE!” The reason for that second iteration in this piece is thanks to a piece of viral media that has seemingly convinced some people that a […]

A New Jersey Nabisco Plant to Close After 63 Years

On Friday July 16th, the Nabisco plant located in Fair Lawn, New Jersey officially shut down. It wasn’t a sudden decision- the plan had been in place for months for this to happen- but it’s still surreal in a way to see something thriving for 63 years suddenly cease to be. The approximately 600 people […]