Thursday, November 7, 2019

So Joe Rogan And Gerard Way Are Cousins?

Alright, here’s an interesting piece of celebrity trivia...

Lebron James Sends A Taco Truck To LA’s Finest Firefighters

Lebron sent taco trucks out to the fire firefighters in California

Hugh Jackman Becomes Wolverine One More Time Granting Fan’s Wish

Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine one last time for a fan in the audience.

Johnny Depp Ordered to Release Booze and Drug Use Records

The judge has ordered Johnny Depp to release all "relevant records".

Man Named Tupac Shakur Arrested In Tennessee

If you are just getting out of a hot tub and are reading the headline of this article, you can stop panicking. You’re hub tub did not transport you back in time to the early 1990’s.

New Shane Dawson Merch Just Dropped … And Just Sold Out

Youtuber Shane Dawson has just dropped a Brand new merch site, with many of the items selling out in under and hour !

Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” Becomes Longest Running No.1 Single by a Female Rap Artist

Lizzo celebrates as it comes into its fourth week on the charts. "Truth Hurts" has just set a new record on the Billboard Hot 100 and no one is happier than Lizzo.

Lizzo Will Be Headlining Suicide Prevention Benefit Concert in Nashville

Lizzo returns to Nashville but this time for a very good cause (on top of just being generally awesome).

Kevin Conroy Will Not Be Featured in the New Batman Game

Kevin Conroy will not be reprising his role as Batman in a new WB Montreal game.

Joaquin Phoenix Says He’s Open To Returning For ‘Joker’ Sequel

The controversial film Joker just had its opening weekend. Currently rising in success despite the split feelings on the movie. Joaquin Phoenix seems to be on the pro Joker side of the film (naturally) and wants to explore the villain some more.

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