The Academy’s VFX Nominee List is Out and ‘Aquamans’ Not On It

When you think of Aquaman you undoubtedly think, oh yeah that movie had crazy effects. Well the Academy Awards just released their list for Virtual Effects Nominees and Aquaman is no where on it. The list is as follows:

Super Mario: The Animated Movie

Universal recently partnered with Nintendo on some theme parks and attractions. The same Universal that makes movies. Nintendo has a long history of utilizing their properties outside of video games, including toys and clothing. But they've really only had one (awful) movie... Until now. Source: Hollywood...

Donald Glover and Michael B Jordan Rumored for ‘Black Panther 2’

According to METRO news sources, Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) is currently being coaxed by 'Black Panther' director and co-writer Ryan Coogler to join in the upcoming sequel. ‘Ryan Coogler is currently mapping out Black Panther’s...

“Mad Max 5” Confirmed Next Film By George Miller

George Miller confirms Mad Max 5 is in pre-production

Will 2018’s Summer Blockbusters Dominate The Box Office?

jurassic world
The Silver-screen-coaster has been screaming its way through 2018 with over-the-top blockbusters like Avengers: Infinity War which immediately had fans building with anticipation for the next chapter. In fact, the last couple of years have seemingly been Disney/Marvel victory laps the likes of which...

Angelina Jolie To Play Sersei In Marvel’s The Eternals

MCU's "Phase IV" is slowing building itself, with Jolie Being in talks to be in the Eternals This summer, Marvel's official phase four of its superhero cinematic universe kicks off with, Spiderman : Far From Home....

Green Lantern Corps Movie Script To Be Completed By End Of The Year

Green Lantern Corps movie will have a complete script by the end of the year

Robert Pattinson Cast as Batman in Matt Reeves “The Batman”

The rumors were true!!! Robert Pattinson will be playing the next version of Batman that we get to see on the big screen. It was first revealed in a report by Variety that he would be taking on the mantle of the...

BREAKING: George Lucas to Film New Star Wars Trilogy

In an incredible turn of events, George Lucas is coming to back to the Star Wars universe. Just announced from Disney headquarters in Dallas, Texas. George Lucas has been tapped to revive the franchise and film a new Star...

DC’s Birds Of Prey Wraps Up Filming

For the last couple months a once demoralized DC Extended Universe has radiated a ton of positivity and intrigue. Shazam! turned out to be a surprise success, both financially and critically. The internet is still buzzing about the Joaquin Phoenix Joker trailer. We have a...

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