Saturday, March 28, 2020
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Wonder Woman 1984 Release Postponed Until August After Warner Bros. Reschedules Everything Else

"Wonder Woman 1984" now has an August release date. Warner Bros. shuffles everything else to accommodate.

Pixar Delivers Another Great Movie for the Whole Family with Onward!

Onward is another great movie from Pixar! Great for the whole family to watch, Pixar delivers yet again with this new adventure into another creative world.

A City in the Philippines is Playing the Announcement from ‘The Purge’ to “Encourage” Citizens to Stay In

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has ordered the announcement from "The Purge" to play every other night while they are under mandatory curfew.

Jake Johnson Will Send Your Kids Messages as Peter B. Parker

Jake Johnson is sending kids positive messages as Peter B. Parker while they are stuck inside. To try to keep them from being overly anxious and stay calm.

‘Sonic’ Will be Releasing March 31st for Digital Copies Followed by a Physical Media Release in May

Sonic is going to be released for digital download starting March 31st! Get ready to go fast... to the couch and watch Sonic take the screen

Warner Bros. Reportedly Considering Releasing ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Straight to Digital

Warner Bros. may strategize to release 'Wonder Woman 1984' to streaming depending on how things play out in the future.

‘Onward’ Coming to Disney Plus Early April, Available on Video On Demand Starting Tonight

'Onward' is going to be available to stream on Video on Demand starting tonight!

A ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Zero Lamp is Here to Brighten Your Home

Box Lunch has a cute new Zero lamp that will keep you company all night long

‘Birds of Prey’ to be Released Early on VOD

Dc's Birds of Prey is going to be available for video-on-demand earlier than expecte

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Watch this Forgotten Gem: ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ as Read by Christopher Walken

We've found a real relic from the time of internet past!

Chris Hemsworth is Offering Free Virtual Workouts for the Next Six Weeks

Chris Hemsworth is here with some fitness solutions while were stuck indoors. He's also providing advice and tricks to keep us centered

GameStop to Permenantly Shut Down 300 Stores

Gamestop will be permanently shutting down 300 stores, which means potentially the one near you that was shut down temporarily may not come back.