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We Talked to a Real Human Who Was on Netflix’s “Sexy Beasts”

Yes, we talked to a real human who was on Netflix’s “Sexy Beasts.” The absurd prosthetic-clad dating show first premiered on Netflix in July of 2021. The show had a previous life on BBC 3 in 2014. The newer version filmed in London in 2020. Rob Delaney (“Deadpool 2”, “Catastrophe”) serves as the quippy narrator.  […]

How Streaming Services Revolutionized Tv Viewing

Humanity’s curiosity and ever-gnawing need to find out why and how things work are trademarks of our species. The drive to make things easier, quicker and more convenient catapulted us from mere cave dwellers struggling against the elements to the progressive society we are today. Nothing defines human progress more than the advances made in […]

“Squid Game” is Officially Netflix’s Biggest Series Launch EVER

It’s official, “Squid Game” has become the biggest series launch on Netflix with a whopping 111 million fans. The show has surpassed “Bridgerton” as their heaviest hitter.  If you need a primer on what exactly “Squid Game” is you can check it out here. We will take a moment to caveat and say that Netflix […]

Top Of the Most Popular Korean Dramas Shot from Netflix

Although the South Korean movie industry has existed for half a century now, its impact and popularity have grown rapidly in the last one or two decades. It has received global recognition for the numerous intriguing body of work that has been put in. This rise has resulted in historic wins at the 2020 and […]

Your Definitive Guide to the Latest Online Entertainment

In today’s modern world, we’ve got the advantage of accessing most of the latest entertainment online. Whether it’s playing popular online games, gambling, listening to the radio, music, or watching films, the internet provides us with the luxury of accessing our favorite content more than ever before.   With the current movement restrictions and lockdown, the […]

What to Watch on Amazon Prime this Autumn

There are various ways to celebrate the fall season, from picking and carving pumpins to nature walks in the forests, and the list goes on. But why struggle with outdoor activities when you can grab a blanket and relax in your room enjoying your favorite movies and shows?  Amazon Prime offers fantastic shows not just […]