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Heartbreaking Short Film “Ruth” Explores Tragedy of Dementia

By turns heart wrenching, emotional, and quite frightening, “Ruth” is a film exploring the terrifying realities of life with dementia, as a kindly old lady lives her everyday life in her quiet home, comforted by joyful memories of the past one moment, and shattered by the fragmented truth of the present by the next. “Ruth” […]

Watch Danzig’s “Death Rider in the House of Vampires” Trailer

Looking back, a Glenn Danzig vampire horror western film was kinda an inevitability. The former Misfits frontman has been a dabbler in filmmaking, but finally started production on “Death Rider In The House of Vampires” last year. The fanged western boasts a cast of Devon Sawa, Julian Sands, Kim Director, Eli Roth, Danny Trejo, and […]

Happy Halloween: Best Worst Horror Movies to Watch On Amazon Prime

Every October, cinema is inundated with horror films. From networks like FreeForm playing the same 5 classic Halloween movies 24/7 for a week straight, or streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix pushing their Halloween selections to the home page for a month. No matter where you turn, spooky season has no shortage of horror films […]

“The Happy Side” Tells The Story of Floating Through Life in a Retail Job

“Thirty-something retail worker, Carla, is burned-out from her job. She has spent years working her way up the corporate ladder at a tacky fashion retailer, but her boss, Bruce, gives her no recognition. He only cares about the numbers. So on what appears to be a busy day, he calls Carla in on her day off, telling her if she doesn’t come in, she won’t have a job anymore. Carla, who is already in the mind-set of being lazy and enjoying an “epic day off,” must choose her dignity or her job. But sometimes the universe has other plans.”