Thursday, December 12, 2019

‘Good Omens’ Inspired Commercial Gets Neil Gaiman’s Attention

Allegra Rosenberg reframes the show into an antidepressant ad

Variety Confirms Obi-Wan Series Coming to Disney+

It's confirmed! There will be an Obi-Wan series starring Ewan McGregor.

Netflix Drops First Trailer for The Witcher

Netflix Drops the first Trailer for the Witcher, watch it here!

“The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” Trailer Is Here – and It’s Amazing

Up to now, we have been teased with images from the upcoming The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance series. The series will be 10 hour long episodes that will serve as a prequel to the movie The Dark Crystal (1982). It will...

Hulu’s “Into the Dark” Series Returns with a Mother’s Day Episode ‘All That We Destroy’

Hulu will continue their year-long, holiday-themed horror series “Into the Dark” with eighth episode All That We Destroy next month. This episode is directed by Chelsea Stardust (Satanic Panic) and is created from a screenplay by Sean Keller and Jim Agnew. The stars of this episode are Israel Broussard, Aurora Perrineau, Dora...

Get Your Kit Harrington Fix with the New ‘Gunpowder’ DVD Set

If you are like me you are eagerly anticipating the return of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. Good news because until that finally premieres in April you can get your fix by watching Kit Harrington in Gunpowder on DVD.

New Transformers Origin Story Coming to Netflix in 2020

In a press release this morning Netflix and Hasbro have partnered with Rooster teeth to bring us a new Transformers series War For Cybertron. The series is expected to launch worldwide in 2020 with a fresh animation style that "presents the...

Netflix Nabs 25 Year Pixar Veteran for More Original Content

In a recent move by Netflix they have signed on Oscar Winning Producer Darla K. Anderson. Darla, who has produced such films as Toy Story 3 and Coco has signed a multi year deal with the streaming company. ...

Netflix Reportedly Creating ‘Resident Evil’ TV Show

Hot on the heels of the Resident Evil 2 Remake excitement, rumors are spreading across the internet of a Netflix original Resident Evil TV show. Similar to the T virus, this information seems to have no chance of slowing any time soon.

Everything We Know About the Diablo Series for Netflix So Far

Back in September last year we reported on a tweet from Andy Cosby where he stated that he was in "Final Talks" with Blizzard about developing a Diablo Series for Netflix. The tweet in question read, "I guess...

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