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Giant Vampire Lady Bringing Out the Thirst in “Resident Evil” Fans

There’s no denying that Resident Evil is a landmark series in video gaming. Bringing the horror genre into the mainstream when it first appeared in 1996, it has since spawned over twenty sequels and spin offs, untold hordes of merchandise, and a series of massively popular action movies. A new entry in the franchise is […]

Activision Blizzard Stock is the Highest It’s Been Since 1984

During quarantine, we all must find ways to keep ourselves occupied. There’s only so many times you can clean the house and re-watch episodes of “The Office.” So, we turn to video games to take us away from our less than ideal reality. That’s why it is not all that surprising to hear that Activision […]

GoldenEye With Mario Characters Mod Gives Mario a Gun

He has spent years curb-stomping goombas and searching various castles for Princess Peach. And for what? For a strange mushroom child to keep telling him his princess is in another castle. Well, no more. Mario is getting serious now. In this “GoldenEye 007” mod, Mario has a gun and no Koopa Troopa is going to […]

“Hitman 3” Releases Brutally Gorgeous Launch Trailer

We’re starting 2021 off with a bang-literally! “Hitman 3,” the final part of Agent 47’s World of Assassination Trilogy, is almost here. With only two days until launch, IO Interactive has released their final trailer for the title. It promises familiar faces, beautiful destinations, and a ton of violence. “Hitman 3” is certainly going to […]

Niantic Wins Lawsuit Against Cheat Maker Global++

Cheaters never prosper. Especially when they tussle with a company as large as Niantic. Global++, a development group behind various cheating applications, has found themselves owing Niantic a ton of money. After a legal battle lasting for over a year, they have agreed to a settlement. In 2019, Niantic formally filed a lawsuit against the […]

Dungeons & Dragons TV Show Coming from “John Wick” Creator

Just to clarify at the start- this new Dungeons & Dragons tv series is not the same project as the upcoming live-action feature film starring Chris Pine. Two different things, but the same dice-rolling RPG source material and moniker. This new series (again, not the already-announced film) was just announced this afternoon in The Hollywood […]