Friday, October 16, 2020
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Olivia Wilde Directing, Co-Writing Possible ‘Spider-Woman’ Project at Sony

This just in- Sounds like Sony's Spider-Man slate may have just picked Olivia Wilde to direct that possible Spider-Woman project we keep...

DC Comics has Two Female [Interim] Editors in Chief Right Now

If you'll recall, there was a recent culling by WarnerMedia that hit pretty much every single division under the company's banner. This...

Check out DC FanDome’s Official 24 Hour Schedule of Events

We're getting closer to the kickoff of DC FanDome next weekend, and we've finally got the official schedule of panels/presentations. Featured here...

The Justice League Reunites in “Dark Nights: Death Metal #3” [Review]

It's Time to Break out Superman and the League in this Brand New Issue of Synder and Capullos Dive int Madness, Dark Nights : Death Metal !

WarnerMedia Bloodbath: DC Comics Takes Big Hit Layoffs

We want to start by saying writing reports like these is never easy, especially when we personally know some of those effected....

“The Flash” Movie We Almost Had from Writers Grant Morrison and Ezra Miller

We almost had a "The Flash" stand alone movie written by comics mainstay Grant Morrison, and the film's star, Ezra Miller. If...

“DCeased: Dead Planet” #2 Builds Tension [Review]

It's issue #2 of the breakout hit DCeased: Dead Planet. Our off-world heroes and on-world survivors have finally reunited. What could go wrong ?

From Zero To Hero: A Two-Minute History of Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk

Welcome to From Zero to Hero: A Two Minute History, where we here at Nerdbot explain Comic History. This week, it's Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk!

Remember Congressman John Lewis’s “March” Comics?

The United States lost a true hero this last week, with the passing of Civil Rights icon, Congressman John Lewis. Serving the...

DC Previews New Batman Suit on Issue #100

In a variant cover issue of Batman #100, artist Jorge Jimenez displays the brand new Batsuit that the caped crusader is set to wear during the upcoming "Joker War" arc.

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