Friday, August 23, 2019

How Can Gaming Help Those Struggling With Depression?

By Frankie Wallace For years, technology has been used to help teenagers with mental illness. Outreach programs designed to connect mental health professionals with troubled teens have assisted the youth for decades. In the 1990s, that meant a phone...

Scott Rogowsky Forced to Leave HQ Due to Conflict of Interests

Have you heard of HQ? It is the mobile game show that took the world by storm this past couple years. A trivia show that you could play anywhere there was 4G or Wifi with themes like Simpsons Trivia or Game of...

An Interview With DJ SUPERSPECIAL: Healing the World Through Music

DJ SUPERSPECIAL is making an interesting mark in the media world. A comic book hero as well as a real live DJ, you can find him in his comics as well as listen to his music. Reading the comic while listening to...

Monsters Inc. Getting a Series on Disney + Goodman and Crystal are Returning

In more Disney Streaming news today we found out that we were going to get a new Monsters Inc. animated series on Disney +. Original voice actors will be returning including Billy Crystal as Mike and John Goodman as Sulley.

Hawkeye TV Show in Development for Disney+ with Jeremy Renner!

Disney's new streaming service is adding yet another MCU inspired series. In addition to a Loki, Scarlet Witch & Vision, and Falcon & Winter Soldier series with all the original actors reprising their roles, Disney+ is working on a Hawkeye limited...

Feige Says X-Men Won’t Appear in the MCU for a “Very Long Time”

So a little bit of bad news in that Kevin Feige has specifically stated that we will not be getting X-Men in the MCU for a "very long time." While speaking with io9 at an Avengers: Endgame event he had this...

DS9 Documentary to Play in Theaters One Day Only

I think at this point it is safe to declare that Deep Space Nine is still the undisputed best Star Trek show. It took a long time for me to admit that fact and that my beloved Next Generation is only second...

Unsatisfying Build-up: Heroes In Crisis #7

There’s only so much more of this I can take. This particular Issue is more filler than most, not even really exploring the insights of heroism. It’s more of a breather issues which alludes to some details and not much else. And...

Legends Of Tomorrow: The Best DC T.V. Show

the most consistent show in quality of story, atmosphere, action and style has been legends. This show, which basically came from a string of test footage, has evolved into a show with infinite potential that has given it the ability to be the most flexible of the Dc T.v. shows.

War Of The Realms Is Here

Civil war II ? wack, Infinity Wars ? wack, Inhumans v.s. X-men ? wack, War of the Realms ? Tight As F*ck !

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