Sunday, January 19, 2020

New Hawkeye Comic and Trailer Out

Hawkeye: Freefall is available to read today!

Rescue Set To Hit Shelves In 2020

Most people who haven’t read the Marvel comics got their first taste of Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts as Rescue when Avengers: Endgame was released.

DC’s Doomsday Clock Reaches Its Epic Conclusion

DC’s Doomsday Clock has ticked its final tock

Reynolds Confirms ‘Deadpool’ Officially In The Works at Marvel

Ryan Reynolds confirms that Marvel is working on Deadpool!

US Government Lists Wakanda as Free Trade Partner

The US Government accidentally leaves Wakanda on the list of Free trade countries after running tests.

The Far Side Is Officially Back!

Classic Comic To Return After 25 Years

When Marvel and Sports Collide: 3 of Marvel Comics’ Best Sports Crossovers

Marvel has produced plenty of amazing sports covers over the years

Meet Rebekah, Marvels First Transgender Superhero

Marvel's Hero Project introduces the first transgender superhero.

TV Special To Celebrate The Life Of Stan Lee

On December 20th a TV special will air to celebrate the life of Stan "The Man" Lee

Check Out This Awesome Magneto Paperclip Holder!

This figure will hold your office supplies for you!

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