Tuesday, April 23, 2019

An Interview With DJ SUPERSPECIAL: Healing the World Through Music

DJ SUPERSPECIAL is making an interesting mark in the media world. A comic book hero as well as a real live DJ, you can find him in his comics as well as listen to his music. Reading the comic while listening to...

Monsters Inc. Getting a Series on Disney + Goodman and Crystal are Returning

In more Disney Streaming news today we found out that we were going to get a new Monsters Inc. animated series on Disney +. Original voice actors will be returning including Billy Crystal as Mike and John Goodman as Sulley.

Hawkeye TV Show in Development for Disney+ with Jeremy Renner!

Disney's new streaming service is adding yet another MCU inspired series. In addition to a Loki, Scarlet Witch & Vision, and Falcon & Winter Soldier series with all the original actors reprising their roles, Disney+ is working on a Hawkeye limited...

Feige Says X-Men Won’t Appear in the MCU for a “Very Long Time”

So a little bit of bad news in that Kevin Feige has specifically stated that we will not be getting X-Men in the MCU for a "very long time." While speaking with io9 at an Avengers: Endgame event he had this...

DS9 Documentary to Play in Theaters One Day Only

I think at this point it is safe to declare that Deep Space Nine is still the undisputed best Star Trek show. It took a long time for me to admit that fact and that my beloved Next Generation is only second...

Unsatisfying Build-up: Heroes In Crisis #7

There’s only so much more of this I can take. This particular Issue is more filler than most, not even really exploring the insights of heroism. It’s more of a breather issues which alludes to some details and not much else. And...

Legends Of Tomorrow: The Best DC T.V. Show

the most consistent show in quality of story, atmosphere, action and style has been legends. This show, which basically came from a string of test footage, has evolved into a show with infinite potential that has given it the ability to be the most flexible of the Dc T.v. shows.

War Of The Realms Is Here

Civil war II ? wack, Infinity Wars ? wack, Inhumans v.s. X-men ? wack, War of the Realms ? Tight As F*ck !

Marvel Announces Next Major Milestone in X-Men History

Marvel announced at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo this year that the next big chapter for the X-Men was coming out this July. House of X Powers of X is to be the next milestone of the X-Men. Being...

Star Wars 9 Poster Leaked! Characters Revealed

It's been a long dry spell for any information regarding the upcoming release of Star Wars: Episode IX, but now we have some new content through a new poster that has leaked. What do...

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