Wednesday, December 4, 2019

A Hopeful Yet Uncertain Future Remains in DCeased #6

It is the final issue of DCeased, and the ending is here. Can the Heroes survive this crisis ? or will they fall to the Blights

Warner Brothers Lays Out The Future of HBO Max

A ton of new information about the upcoming service has hit. Is it enough to compete with Netflix and Disney?

DC Launching New ‘Amethyst’ Comic Series in 2020

Amethyst will be getting a new comic series coming February 2020

All Hope Is Lost in DCeased #5

The world has lost so much, but together the remnants of the League has held up hope. In this Issue of DCeased , that hope is lost.

Marvel Legalizes Marijuana in the Comics

Wilson Fisk has legalized Marijuana in the latest Daredevil comic.

Wally West’s Road To Redemption In DC’s, Flash Forward

Wally West - hero, murderer .... savior of the Multiverse ?!

Smoking in Comic Books and Why Marvel Banned Cigarettes

Why Marvel banned cigarettes in their comics

Doomsday Clock Issue #11 Sets Up The Battle Of The Supermen

So here we are, the penultimate installment of DC Comics’ Watchmen crossover event Doomsday Clock.

This Fall John Constantine Returns to the Sandman Universe

This fall, the dark and gritty magician-for-hire John Constantine is returning to the series that made him infamous.

Marvel Releases New Trailer for Ghost Rider’s Comic Book Series

Johnny Blaze is Ghost Rider
up to create a new comic book series for the classic Mavel anti-hero, Ghost Rider.

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