Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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Marvel Comics Announces No New Digital Comics During Covid-19 Closure

Marvel announces that they are also going to stop digital production of comics. All major comic publishers are unanimously putting titles on hold.

Top 3 Comics Incarnations in Online Games

If you’re familiar with comics, then you are well aware of book publishers such as Marvel and DC. They have introduced outstanding and popular characters like Iron Man, Batman, Wonderwoman, Spiderman, Superman, etc. All of them aim to keep the peace of the world and save people in the case of danger. Today, you can find these characters not only in comic books, but also in movies, TV series, and online games.

Ursula is Finally Getting an Origin Story!

The evil sea witch has made our skin crawl for generations in The Little Mermaid but did you know that Ursula was one of seven sea witches?? Dark Horse has teamed up with Disney once again for Disney Villains: Ursula and the Seven Seas.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Comic Series Is On The Way

A new 'Horizon Zero Dawn' comic series will explore Aloy's adventures after the game through the eyes of hunter and friend Talanah.

Doctor Strange Director To Hold A #Quarantinewatchparty On Twitter

Scott Derrickson is doing a live watch party of Doctor Strange tonight at 9PM ET

‘God of War’ Prequel Comics Are On The Way

'God of War: Fallen God' is a comic series that will explore Kratos' journey between 'God of War III' and 'God of War' 2018.

“Good Omens” & “Sandman” Creator Neil Gaiman Offers Tons of Free Content During These Isolating Times

Neil Gaiman is here to save you from boredom with tons of free activities to download, read and listen to.

Marvels’ Outlawed: The Law to Stop Underage Vigilantes

Marvels' brand new event Outlawed kicks off, as the government bans all underage vigilantism. Can the Champions & others Beat back this law?

The True Story of ‘Superman Vs. The Ku Klux Klan’ Podcast is Coming

Based on the True Story of How Superman & Citizens Helped Shut Down the KKK

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Free 3D Printable Darth Vader Protective Mask

There is a free pattern for an filtered face mask that looks like part of Darth Vader's helmet.

Matthew McConaughey Plays Virtual Bingo with Austin Seniors

Matthew McConaughey surprised the seniors at Round Rock Senior Living by hosting virtual bingo

Free 3D Printable Mortal Kombat Sub Zero Protective Mask

If you wanted to look like Mortal Kombat's Sub Zero while also being safe at the grocery store then we've found the pattern for you!