Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Heroes Have Fallen: Dceased Issue 3

The World Continues To Fall Apart As the Techno Virus Continues to Reign This New issue of DCeased feels like an Intermediary one, leading towards the next devastating realization this story tends to drop. We open with...

Multiversal Justice League Meeting

Lex Luthor is "Dead", It's Year of the Villain, powerful entities are making their moves, and the universe is at risk of unraveling - time for some bureaucracy !

A new Lantern vs Zombies in DCeased

Welcome to the Killjoy Corps More often than not, when you have a killer concept and a fantastic opening, the second issue can foretell the success of a story. With the Latest Issue of Dceased, It's clear...

Go Beyond The Multiverse In Doomsday Clock Issue #10

How does one go beyond a multiverse? To put it simply, like an old rerun of Emeril Live... you kick that sucker up a notch! But we'll get there. For the moment let's turn our attention to the aftermath of the events that transpired in Doomsday...

The DO’S and DON’TS of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Greetings off-worlders! If you're reading this, you're about to embark into a galaxy far, far away or you at least have reservation for them, right? Because you're here, let me run down some of the biggest DO'S and DON'TS...

Nerdbot Review : Heroes In Crisis #9

A Depressing slog and an Unsatisfying ending : Heroes In Crisis #9

John Wick or Rambo? We Answer: Who has a higher Kill Count?

Back in the day we saw Rambo, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers as the record holders for on-screen kills in a movie or movie series. Now we have a new contender. The boogeyman himself, John Wick.

Rumor: Charlie Hunnam In Talks For New Wolverine Movie

A source close to the initial studio casting talks for a possible new Wolverine stand alone film is reporting that Charlie Hunnam is a front runner to play our favorite clawed Superhero. Charlie Hunnam's most notable role is in...

Watch Batwomans First Look Trailer Our premise is this : It’s been three years since the disappearance of Batman and the Gotham Police have been overrun and outgunned. Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) is in charge of Crows Private Security, who’s militia...

Stan Lee’s Former Business Partner Being Charged With Elder Abuse

It's a long sad story about Keya Morgan and how he treated Stan Lee over the years. In the past he has embezzled around $5 Million from the Marvel legend. He has also falsified information to the police and made "fake" calls...

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