“Wheel of Time” Wishes Happy Birthday to the Late Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan was a prolific author, responsible for the high fantasy series “The Wheel of Time.” While he did not live to see the conclusion of the story, his influence and presence are still felt by many. Before Jordan’s passing, author Brandon Sanderson was brought in by the family to meet with Jordan, and ultimately […]

“Wheel of Time” Showcases Logain in New Character Clip

Amazon’s upcoming “The Wheel of Time” series is right around the corner. Although it can’t come soon enough, each new tease of iconic characters and settings has us BUZZING with excitement. The new tease features a very important part of the saga of Rand al Thor and co- Logain Ablar, as played by “Money Heist” […]

“Wheel of Time” Announces BIG Casting News for Season 2- Meet Elayne!

We are delighted to share some pretty big casting news from “Wheel of Time!” During today’s NYCC panel, showrunner Rafe Judkins revealed who we’ll be meeting in season 2 of the upcoming Amazon Prime Video series. Yes, Ceara Coveney *is* a redhead, so she’s pretty perfect to play the Daughter Heir of Andor Elayne Trakand! […]

Clip from “Wheel of Time” Releases During NYCC Panel

Today during the official New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2021 panel or Amazon’s upcoming series “The Wheel of Time,” we were treated to an all new clip! You’ll want to watch the full panel as well, which you can do on NYCC’s website. THE AES SEDAI RING. Rand and Perrin! Moiraine and Lan!

[Updating Live] “Wheel of Time” NYCC Panel: Watch Along Now!

New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2021 is upon us, and that means panels are happening. The annual pop culture gathering opted for a hybrid of in-person and virtual offerings, which has been pretty great for those of us who couldn’t make the trip this year. One of the panels we were most excited about is […]

Surprise: First Song from “Wheel of Time” Soundtrack Available Now!

Maybe you’ve noticed, but we’re REALLY looking forward to Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming “The Wheel of Time.” We’d put it right up there with the initial “Game of Thrones” season 1 excitement, as it’s a franchise we’ve known and loved. Just a few minutes ago, the official “Wheel of Time“ Twitter account revealed that the […]

“Wheel of Time” 3 New Images Release Ahead of NYCC Panel

New York Comic Con (NYCC) kicks off tomorrow in the Big Apple. The annual giant convention will be different this year, opting for a hybrid model (both in-person and virtual) much like Dragon Con. They’re also going for a reduced capacity cap at the Javits Center, which is a grand idea no matter what the […]

Let’s Talk About the “Wheel of Time” Teaser Trailer [Gallery]

Earlier this morning, we were treated to a gift from Amazon Prime Video. The first teaser trailer for their upcoming epic fantasy series based on the “The Wheel of Time.” Robert Jordan‘s work spans 14 massive tomes, which were later finished by Brandon Sanderson following Jordan’s passing. The series has been a favorite across the […]

Amazon Prime Releases “Wheel of Time” Teaser Trailer!

At long last, we have our first look at Amazon Prime’s upcoming epic fantasy series, “The Wheel of Time!” For a teaser, there is actually a LOT of shown. Scenes from the Two Rivers, Tar Valon, the gates of The Ways, Shadar Logoth, and much, much more. The sheer epic scale of this sort of […]