The Chosen One Daniel Radcliffe to Play Weird Al in Biopic

With this pretty interesting casting news, I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing- can Daniel Radcliffe (“Harry Potter“) actually play the accordion?! Because that’s a pretty important piece of the puzzle when someone gets cast as Weird Al Yankovic. Radcliffe was revealed this morning to be starring in “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story,” an […]

“Hookers & Blow Save Christmas” WEIRDEST Kid’s Book This Year

It’s tough to create a piece of media that’s just as engaging for children as it is for the adults who are experiencing the media with the children. There are some classics that have been able to read that fine line; many Pixar movies have done it, as have television classics like “Animaniacs,” and more […]

Semi-Obscene Corn on the Cob Butter Aid Is Super Weird

We’re deep into grill and cookout season. Summer is rolling right along, and with the reopening of most states well underway, we have to assume some family and friend BBQs are on the way. Corn on the cob is a staple of these al fresco cooking and dining experiences, and with it comes the age […]

Retro Kaiju: Weirdest Kong There Ever Was “King Kong Escapes” (1967)

The late 60s saw the height of Japan’s Kaiju boom in action. Godzilla films were an annual event, and the King of the Monsters had become an international Japanese icon. Friend to all children, Gamera, was cranking out low budget adventures every year to compete. The “Ultraman” franchise was seeing series after series of massive […]

Weird Al Celebrates “Another One Rides The Bus” 40th Anniversary

Wow, do WE feel old. This morning, Weird Al Yankovic posted something that made our jaws drop- that he first premiered parody classic “Another One Rides The Bus” on the famed Dr. Demento radio show 40 YEARS AGO TODAY. “Another One Rides The Bus” was recorded live on September 14th, 1980 on the Dr. Demento Show, […]