“The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” Official Title Revealed

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for more information about Amazon Prime’s upcoming “Lord of the Rings” series. It started with maps, and then the one singular image. Finally we gleaned the official release date, which happens to be later this year. But this morning, Amazon Prime officially revealed the title of the series. […]

Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” Series Moves from New Zealand to UK for s2

When you think of Peter Jackson‘s cinematic masterpiece “The Fellowship of the Ring,” it’s impossible to imagine the vast journey of Frodo and his companions across Middle Earth without automatically picturing the soaring scope of New Zealand. A series famous for glorious green rolling vistas, a natural beauty so otherworldly that barely any effects needed […]

Amazon’s “Lord of The Rings” Series Officially Wraps S1

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s surprise announcement of a release date for Amazon Prime Video’s “Lord of The Rings” series, we have additional news! According to the official LoTR On Prime Twitter account, season 1 of the show has wrapped! Along with the news, came confirmation of the directors helming the 8-episode first season. […]

Amazon Reveals “Lord of The Rings” Series Premiere Date, Art

This just in- According to Amazon Prime Video, we know when the first “Lord of The Rings” series will premiere on the streaming service. As you can see in a tweet from the show’s official account, we’re looking at a September 2nd, 2022 bow for the series. Also, LOOK AT THAT AMAZING ART. Last we […]

Andy Serkis-Read “Lord of The Rings” Audible is Coming this Fall

Remember back in 2020 when publisher Harper Collins teased us all with a new audio version of the classic Lord of The Rings as read by the one and only Andy Serkis? Yeah, Pepperidge Farm remembers. Just yesterday, the UK chapter of Harper Collins posted this snippet video, seemingly confirming that at long last, Serkis’ […]

Build-A-Bear Reveals “Lord of the Rings” Collection!

Build-A-Bear Workshop has unveiled their “Lord of the Rings” collection, which at this time consists of three plushes and one accessory. The collection consists of Frodo, Gandalf (The Grey), Smegol / Gollum, and Sting! As usual, these are limited to 1 per customer. Frodo Bear! Lord of the Rings Bear is the most trusty companion […]