Sorry, Thanos is Evil and Very Wrong

Hot Take Alert: Thanos was straight up an evil monster and, yeah, he wasn’t very smart when it came to using the Infinity Gauntlet. In the comic book version, Thanos has a clear goal: Ending half of all life in the universe would win him his true love, the embodiment of Death. Here, committing insane […]

Another Remastered Classic: Sailor Moon Super S Part 2

If you have been wondering what to get that very special anime friend in your life, you may want to consider picking up a copy of Sailor Moon Super S. They released the first part of the season back in April this year and they wow’d us then. This set is the perfect companion to […]

6 Pop Culture Fads (That Have Faded Away)

If you grew up in the 90’s and have been to the mall lately, you’re probably kicking yourself for throwing out all your crop tops and high waisted jeans. Recent years have proven that nostalgia makes money and suddenly everyone is dressing like their favorite character from Empire Records. I have made a vow never […]

16 Gifts To Give Someone (If You Freakin’ Hate Them)

This is a “Nerd Voices” contributing piece from Nerdbot reader Aaron Russell. Aaron is giving the gift of laughter…usually…on Twitter. He also has a website devoted to his Photoshop hilarity.   There’s nothing worse than receiving a bad gift. That’s fact. “It’s the thought that counts” only works when the gifter is a kid or broke. […]

10 Heavy Metal Songs That Rocked The Fantasy Nerd In Us All

If there’s anything all of us at Nerdbot HQ can agree on, it’s that music is awesome. Especially when we’re rocking out to nerd-inspired bands. From that article we wrote about Simpsons Inspired Bands, down to the one about Video Game Cover Bands, nothing rocks our faces like some bad ass music blasting straight into […]

Top #1 Countdown of Best Spooky Halloween Stuff

Halloween is on its way!!! I’ll get right to the point– Next month, you’re going to be bombarded by infinity billion “Top X Scariest Halloween Nightmares That’ll Blah-Blah-Blah Your Nuts Off”. And that’s awesome. If, of course, you want to read 9 crappy things until you get to the #1, disagree with it, and want […]

The Ultimate Power Rangers Fantasy

I’ve had Power Rangers on the brain an awful lot. Sure, it might be because the franchise is a lot of fun! But it could also be because I’m a Megazord collector who will take any opportunity to go toy shopping. And with the show newly in the hands of Hasbro (while keeping Master Yoda […]

Top 10 Best Megazords from ‘Power Rangers’

The only thing more exciting than watching Power Rangers is watching that awesome moment when the Rangers’ zords combine and form a huge Megazord. A lumbering robot with an amazing weapon ready to stumble toward the bad guy and kick some Tokutatsu Chogokin ass. But naturally, not all Megazords are created equal. Here’s my list of my […]

NES Classic is the Best Selling Console of June 2018

The year is 1987. The Nintendo NES is the hottest thing in gaming. With the crash of the the gaming industry that effectively killed Atari and the teenage angst of the Sega Genesis yet to come over the horizon, the NES is king of American game hardware. Things have changed, though, and some 30 plus […]

A (Nostalgic) Look Back at 90s Mall Culture

This is a Nerdbot “Nerd Voices” contributor post from reader John Bilancini. is a stand-up comedian and humor writer from Brooklyn, NY. He can be found on Twitter, and his nostalgia podcast 1994 can be found @1994podcast and on iTunes.   Mall culture was a huge part of my upbringing. I am originally from northern […]