That Fortnite TV series everyone is talking about? Not happening.

Imagine this: You’re loaded up on that Battle Bus, ready to airdrop into Loot Lake and slay some competition when The Almighty (and by that, of course I mean Disney) speaks to you and says: “Come, my child. We are making a Fortnite series on Disney XD.” “Can it be?” You say to yourself. “Will today be […]

6 Fictional Characters that Can’t Stop Changing

There are certain fictional characters in pop culture media that are, for a lack of better words, reliable. Whether we’re seeing a design version of Mickey Mouse from the 1920s or seeing him kick some tush next to Sora in Kingdom Hearts, we’re aware that it’s the same mouse. But not every character is  subject […]

Jim Carrey Cast as Dr. Robotnik (and We are STOKED)

There is a new Sonic the Hedgehog movie slated for 2019! Director Jeff Fowler is currently gathering the cast and crew but there is one thing that we know for sure, Jim Carrey will be playing the part of Dr. Robotnik (aka Eggman for you purists).   If you aren’t quite sure what this means […]

6 Mighty Cartoon Character Tropes (That Just Won’t Quit)

It’s fair to say that people have a tendency to remember things a little wonky when looking at the past with Childhood Goggles strapped to their peepers. With the nostalgia plane still soaring high in Internetville, and people talking about how everything “back then” was so much better/everything now is trash, sometimes it’s easy to […]

Let Cupid Strike with the Couch Co-Op

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Time to romance your sweetheart with flowers, a nice lobster dinner, and the undented box of wine. Light some candles, watch Titanic and dry each other’s tears as you vow that you will always check for a pulse before shoving them into the depths of the ocean. Then again, flowers die, […]