Top 2018 Anime I’m Excited to Start Watching (At A First Glance)

Are you settling into the quietness of late winter-early spring and don’t know what to watch? We’ve all been there. In fact, I am currently there. Right now. Despite being the award winning, critically acclaimed, super hot, (just kidding on two out of three) co-host of Anime Weekly I have not yet even begin any […]

Upcoming Reboot That “Explains It All”

Who remembers the greatness of Nickelodeon television shows? You know what I’m talking about… Ren & Stimpy, Alex Mack, All That, my eyes are watering up at the nostalgic thought of how I used to spend my weekends as a kid. Such a memorable time that the network has caught the reboot bug and has […]

Nerdbot Movie Review: Black Panther (Spoiler Free)

Marvel Studios… how do you do it? Every single time I even start to believe that the Marvel Machine is running out of gas, I am proven wrong in the best way possible. From the very first time I saw the trailer for Black Panther, I knew it would be great. Chadwick Boseman was the […]

Valentine Gift Guide: Nerd Edition

Looking for an awesome gift for your special somebody or rather yourself? There’s nothing wrong with that, after all, you deserve to treat yo’ self! There’s no need to fret while everybody is out and about worrying about what to get that special nerd in your life. Who are we kidding, we know it’s you. Nerdbot has got […]

The Biggest Problems With The Last Jedi

Warning: Here be spoilers! I really wanted to love this movie. I love Star Wars and The Force Awakens is a great movie, so I expected great things from The Last Jedi. There is so much potential for the second outing in the new franchise. We have the return of Luke Skywalker, revelations about Snoke […]

The Exquisite Pain of the Bad Movie

To many, watching a bad movie is a disappointing experience, like getting a poorly made sandwich or ordering anything from Taco Bell. You were expecting something satisfying, often times you paid money for it. What you got was Fritos and beef sauce angrily slammed into a Dorito shell by a menacing teenager. But bad movies, […]

Nerdbot Movie Review: Bright

Bright is an ambitious mash-up of cop drama and fantasy elements that takes place over one night in the Los Angeles backdrop. Did Netflix drop the ball putting 90 million dollars into a mash-up of what is essentially Training Day and Lord of the Rings? Lets take a look… Mash-ups are a risky venture, plain […]

Fight for Your Right to Party

The stage is set. Old, crotchety folks who don’t understand the youths want to ban… HOUSE PARTIES! What will Kid and Play do? Or, if you’re under 30, Project X. Well, true heroes – patriots in the vein of Patrick Henry – have arisen to save LA’s ability to get jiggy. Give us Four Loko, […]

Razer Enters The Mobile Gaming Market

Razer has been known for pushing high-quality PC gaming accessories but today they unveil their biggest ambition to date. While Obviously marketed towards gamers, the Razer Android phone boasts impressive stats to go along with its lofty ambition of being the best mobile device. For a while, it was hard to speculate where the gaming […]

Welcome to the Ballroom Press Junket EXCLUSIVE at Anime Expo

Welcome to the Ballroom is a new anime series that debuted on Japanese television on July 8th about a teenaged boy named Tatara Fujita who is suddenly whisked into the world of competitive Ballroom dancing.  Director Yoshimi Itazu, Animation Director Takahiro Chiba, and Producer Tetsuya Kinoshita visited Los Angeles, California at Anime Expo to promote […]