‘Coming To America’ Pop-Up Restaurant Is Here… Better Hurry

The pop-up trend is hot!  Just about everyone from LeBron James, Gorillaz, even Deschutes Brewery has a pop-up bar that travels the country. Just when you are all popped-up out, somebody comes up with the brilliant idea of specifically themed restaurants which provide an appropriate shot of nostalgia while giving you something to chew on, […]

Was My House Haunted: A Skeptic’s Point of View

Call me a skeptic, a cynic, an old curmudgeon. That proverbial old man yelling at a cloud. I’ve always been of the mindset of seeing is believing. Unless you can give me undeniable proof of a thing, I’m going to give you a curious glance followed by an “I dunno…”. There are few things I’m […]

‘Coming to America 2’ Gets 2020 Release Date

Eddy Murphy’s Coming to America Sequel is expected to release August 7th, 2020. This will put it right up against an untitled Warner Bros. Film expected to release the same date according to Variety. Directing the sequel is Craig Brewer(Hustle & Flow) and Eddy Murphy is set to return as Prince Akeem. Production is happening […]