How Could Deadpool Join The MCU – Or Has He Already Appeared?

Since the Disney-Fox deal closed there has been speculation about how and when some of the Fox characters would be worked into the MCU. In particular, Ryan Reynold’s fan-favorite Deadpool. While the X-men and Fantastic Four will most likely be recast and rebooted, Reynold’s will probably continue to portray Deadpool. But the Deadpool franchise is […]

Deadpool Invades ‘Endgame’ Trailer in Fan-Made vid

With the news that the Disney-Fox deal is closing soon, fans were wondering if we could start to see hints of X-men or Fantastic Four characters in Endgame credit scenes. Probably not with the tight timeline until Endgame comes out in April. But now those hopes are partially answered as a fan has edited Deadpool […]

Disney Expected To Keep Deadpool R-Rated

No joke, this Disney-slash-Fox merger is going to be epic. It’s been a long time (if ever) since a film industry acquisition was made on this level. Don’t get me wrong, several projects will be effected by the two production juggernauts joining forces. We still have no clue what’s going on with that New Mutants […]

Deadpool Returns To Theaters For A Yuletide Offering

It’s the season of giving, and nobody gives it better than Deadpool! But this time, it’s to charity. On December 12, 20th Century Fox is re-releasing Deadpool 2 to theaters, repackaging the film into Once Upon A Deadpool. This new Christmas version has been edited to be PG-13 (probably a hard PG-13) and also includes […]