My Run in With a Gathering of Devil Worshipers

I haven’t had to many scary experiences in my life. If I had none have really ever stood out enough for me to remember to well, except for one. It was October 22nd about six years ago, that was the day I encountered some sort of cult in the woods. My Aunt and Uncle live […]

DC’s Birds Of Prey Tests Top Hollywood Talent

The wheels are in motion over at Warner Brothers as DC’s Birds Of Prey begins the casting process. We already have Margot Robbie reprising her role as Harley Quinn in a female led ensemble film that fans everywhere hope will erase Suicide Squad from history. On September 20th, TheHollywoodReporter broke the news that the parts […]

All 9 Sentai T-Rex Mechs (Ranked)

There are three things kids love above all else: dinosaurs, robots, and superheroes. So why not combine all three and have dinosaur robots piloted by superheroes? Toei’s Super Sentai franchise, known in the US as Power Rangers, had the good sense to do just that. But no dinosaur is more revered in pop culture than […]

Sony Japan Finally Allows The PS2 To Rest In Peace

A report from Kotaku announces that Sony Interactive Entertainment’s aftercare service for the PlayStation 2 in Japan is ending. While the console has been out of production since 2012, Sony Japan continued to service to the game machine, keeping it alive. Sony is now pulling the plug. As IT Media reports, Sony Japan asked PS2 owners to fill out online forms by […]

Nerdbot Reviews: The Monogatari Book Series

This is a “Nerd Voices” contributor piece from Nerdbot reader Caesar Orzell. Caesar is currently listening to A Perfect Circle’s latest banger album and is still on the first Nisemonogatari book. Follow her on Twitter.   Books. Books are wonderful. But have you ever wanted to read a book or a set of books that are […]

5 Most Insane Sailor Moon Rumors Ever

Japanese phenomenon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (translated as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, then taken back with a “just kidding” and rebranded as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) is turning 25 years old this year. The original graphic novel premiered in 1992, a year before the TV show. It was a spin-off of the short-lived Codename Sailor V […]

Nerdbot Review: DC’s Doomsday Clock Issue #6

Welcome back to another edition of Nerdbot’s continuing coverage of DC’s epic Watchmen integration, Doomsday Clock. I hope you didn’t think I was kidding when I said we are in this until the bitter end because as the halfway point in the series is among us, there’s no turning back now! I’ll say this until […]

Why Goldar was the True Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Villain All Along

I started watching Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers in 1994 and it quickly became one of my favorite shows. It had a blend of everything; corny drama, good looking actors, Japanese monster fight footage, transforming sentai action, and awesome robotic Megazords. All in all, a near perfect show in a nine year old’s eyes. But one thing always […]

Mass Effect (A Veteran’s Perspective)

Almost eleven years ago, BioWare had us make a few choices. Were we a Sole Survivor, a War Hero, or Ruthless? We picked our skill specialty and face, threw on some N7 gear and got to meet Joker. We were Shepard, soon to be hero of the galaxy. What came next helped define gaming for […]