Did Disneyland Remove the Hanging Man from Haunted Mansion?

Earlier today, the official Disney Parks Blog posted a big ol update about The Haunted Mansion’s face lift. We knew the Imagineers were hard at work updating more than one attraction. In a way, Disneyland’s pandemic shutdown was a good thing for getting the work done quickly. And, without interrupting guests! The Haunted Mansion updates […]

Live Action “Gundam” Movie Coming to Netflix from Jordan Vogt-Roberts

We don’t know where to start with this really exciting news, so we’re just gonna dive right in. It would appear that Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who directed “Kong: Skull Island,” will be helming a LIVE ACTION “Gundam” film for Netflix. The screenplay for “Gundam” project will be written by Brian K. Vaughan (“Y: The Last Man,” “Runaways”). […]

Lucy Liu Joins “Shazam!” Sequel as Kalypso, Daughter of Atlas

We are pretty darn excited to share the news that Lucy Liu has joined the upcoming “Shazam!” sequel, “Fury of the Gods.” Liu will apparently be tackling a villainous role. According to the usual suspects, Liu will be playing Kalypso, second Daughter of Atlas, and sister to Hesperia. Hesperia will be played by Oscar winning […]

We Can’t Get Over Lucas Werneck’s Amazing X-Men Redesigns

Every so often, one image can really reignite the urge to cosplay. That’s exactly what we’re feeling browsing through Lucas Werneck‘s new gallery. Featuring Marvel Comics staple characters from across the X-Men titles, these slick new uniforms are begging to be recreated in real life. Like, how great is Storm? AMAZING. Make sure you check […]