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5 Types Of Marketing Content For Instagram

Do you have a business or brand that you are wanting to market on Instagram but have no idea what you are doing? Do you want to know what kind of marketing you could make use of when marketing your business on social media?

Marketing has been disrupted by social media. Instagram, as the most popular social media platform, has quickly become a way for businesses and brands alike to market to their target audience with ease and very little cost. It is a kind of social media marketing, and they offer so much more to businesses when it comes to marketing. 

When it comes to social media marketing, at first it can seem a bit tricky, but there are a few things such as being consistent or even using growth services that will help you gain the following you need. For instance, you can buy Instagram followers on Thunderclap to reach a wider audience and increase engagement. It’s understandable if you’re hesitant about using this kind of service, but you can rest assured that a reliable growth service will get you real Instagram followers. However, when it comes to your content, you need to be on the ball, and here are 5 different types of Instagram marketing that you could make use of. 

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First up on our list, we have tutorials. As a business, it is a great idea to share tutorials on how to use your various products, especially if they are a bit more complicated. 

Instagram is a great place to do this as they offer you multiple different features that would be great for this kind of content. If you want to post shorter tutorials you could post a reel or even something to your story. However, if your tutorial is a bit longer and needs to be more comprehensive, you can post it to IGTV which allows for longer videos. 

These tutorials are a great way to draw attention to your brand and encourage more people to follow you. People love learning and it is quick and easy when done on Instagram 

Community Posts

The next type of content that you should be using and posting as often as possible is community posts. These kinds of posts are all about showing how the brand engages with the community. 

This community is the Instagram community or their niche audience on the platform. By doing this you can be a part of your community and encourage more people to be loyal to your business or brand. It is a type of posting strategy that will benefit pretty much every kind of business. 

These kinds of posts could be sharing good deeds, showing off your participation in local activities and so much more. 


Next up on our list, we have user-generated content. As a business, there is only so much of your content that you can share. If you want to get more creative and reach more people, you should be taking advantage of user-generated content.

Essentially what this is, is content that your followers or other users have created and posted that speaks to your business in a good light. This could be anything from tagging your business in a photo of your product or even sharing videos of people using your products. There are so many different kinds of user-generated content it’s essentially free publicity. 


Instagram is first and foremost a social media platform and people don’t want it to be seen as just a place to advertise. With that said, to reach your audience on a more personal and relatable level, you should not only be posting advertisements for your products but also keep up with other things. 

A great thing to post to get your audience interested and involved in the behind-the-scenes of your business or brand. This could be you introducing the employees that work there, showing the process of how the products are made, or even showing off your office space and how everyone is behind the scenes. This makes you far more personable. 

Industry News

last but not least, a great type of content to post, especially as a business, is industry news. This may seem like it isn’t something you should be posting, however, as mentioned above, people don’t always want to see advertising, and this is a great way to stray away from that. 

you can still keep your content relevant to your brand while keeping it up to date and showing that you are in the know to your customers.

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