For Whom The Bowl Tolls- Metallica’s Lars Ulrich is a Toilet

There are a lot of interesting toilets in the world. There are programmable skull toilets that are voice commanded. There’s even some pretty elaborate stalls. But now we bring you news of a toilet designed to look like Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and it’s made by none other than Prince Midnight.

Prince Midnight has been mentioned before on this site for turning his uncle’s ribcage into an electric guitar. Apparently due to the cost of burial he thought it would be better to use the bones in a DIY project instead. We wondered about whether it was legal but he apparently got around the rules because his uncle’s body had previously been donated to science. Now however, it’s been reported by sources that it may have been an elaborate hoax. No matter what though, this toilet is very real and very unwelcoming. Unless you like to use the toilet while sitting on someone’s lap… but let’s not go there.

The toilet was made for an art installation for The Brass Mug in Tampa, Florida where Prince Midnight is playing with his band. He wrote in the post that the toilet would be on display at Hellmouth Plumbing Supply art show which is to take place in the bathroom during ” the Prince Midnight X show.” We think he’s going to have it installed for use, but we’re not sure who would want to use it.

I suppose if you wanted to make sure that his guitar really was made of his Uncle Flip’s bones, you could catch the show. He’ll be playing it there.

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