Know How The Gameplay Differs In The Qureka GetMega Gaming Platform

Do you love playing quizzes? If so, then read this article carefully! We have provided you with information about two different but most recommended gaming platforms. One is Qureka and the other is GetMega.

Qureka is a gaming platform that is only available for Android users. It hosts live trivia game shows and offers real money awards to the winners. 

Each game has a fixed amount of money as a prize with a set of 10 questions. Those participants who give correct answers to all the 10 questions are eligible for the prize money. Prize money is equally distributed among all the winners at the end of the show.

It is operated by a reliable team and there is no issue of legitimacy for the users. It is very easy to use this app. You simply register yourself with your phone number and then create your username. The Qureka app reminds you 5 minutes before starting the game. If you are free at that time, you can play the quiz. There are four types of game shows in the Qureka app.

Mixed topics

In this type of game, questions will be asked from any field. There are no set criteria for this type of quiz.

For example, food, art, culture, business, technology, music, films, mythology, nature, geography, literature, world, social, sports, history, science and general knowledge. This type of quiz has the highest money awards.

Specific Topics

In this game show, there is a specific theme or topic for the quiz. This type of quiz has comparatively less money than a mixed topic quiz.

Daily mini-quiz 

In this type of quiz, only three basic knowledge-based questions will be asked. Winners will get one free life in order to take their game to a higher level. Life helps the players to complete the answer even if the player got one wrong answer. But it is not applicable in the last questions. 

Monthly Mega Quiz 

This quiz is most probably held on the last days of each month. It has the biggest money award of Rs 300000.

GetMega is the hub of different types of games such as quizzes, puzzles, adventure and many more.

It is a gaming platform with a variety of games such as Cards, Casual and Trivia. Card games such as Poker and Rummy, Casual games such as carrom and Gopool. and trivia games include quizzes and other types of games. There are tournaments in which players win attractive prizes. 

You can win lots of prizes by winning games in the GetMega app. By playing tournaments in the GetMega gaming app, you can win real money.

Difference between Qureka gameplay and GetMega gameplay

Qureka GetMega 
The objective of this gaming platform is to provide you with attractive money awards.The objective of this gaming platform is to provide maximum entertainment and fun-quotient 
To play this game, you have to go to the lucky dice and select the start game.The gameplay of GetMega is either horizontal or vertical.
You’ll be taken to six separate tables. Each table has a different entry price and prize amount. You can choose anyone you want at any time. You can press any table’s play buttonThe elements of the game help you in focusing on the game as it is optimal.
After you join the game, the game will start immediately if your opponent is there; otherwise, it will wait until your opponent joins the same table. Each roll has a time limit of 20 seconds throughout the game. You must roll the dice within 20 seconds, or they will be rolled automaticallyThe vibrant colors of GetMega make it easy to identify the elements and also make it easy to use.


Above, we have given the differences between Qureka gameplay and GetMega gameplay. Both gaming platforms have lots of differences. While both have some common features, the gameplay is quite different. But these online gaming platforms give another level of joy as it includes real money awards. If you are good at playing, then you stand a chance to win some attractive prizes and make the most out of it by beating your competitors.

Though it needs some tricks, after playing a few times you can excel in these online games. These types of games need smart work rather than hard work. If you have specific requirements to play the online game, then you can refer to the above table. As gameplay is one of the important factors to consider while choosing a gaming platform. Both GetMega and Qureka are the most recommended apps but it depends on your requirements. If you are specifically interested in trivia games, then you can go with qureka but if you like a variety of games, then you can go with GetMega as it provides cards, Casual and Trivia games. 

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