Future Fandom-Obsessed Kids Probably Need These Books

One thing about having a kid that’s always really fun is introducing them to what you love. Hopefully they grow to love it too and the first years are really important. Sometimes if you wait too long, they won’t like something just to be contrary. But even if by osmosis- and having your fandoms in view- babies will take that in and hold it dear for the rest of their lives. It’s a different type of nostalgia for them but it does keep the franchise going strong. I’ve created a list of baby/kids books that you’ll love to read to them. These would each make a great gift for an expecting parent or someone who already has kids.

Godzilla vs. Kong: Sometimes Friends Fight (But They Always Make Up)

This book is really cute and it’s one I picked up not too long ago. Each page has a nice sentiment like “A good friend celebrates the things that make you different” and then has a game where you can count 2 boats or 7 shining stars. It’s a great read for kids just learning social skills and one that teaches them good habits.

Pokémon Primers

This set of Pokemon Primers includes all 4 primer books. They cover the ABC’s, 123’s, Shapes, Colors and it also includes bonus stickers. Each book has over 100 lift the flaps and it tells you how to pronounce each Pokémon’s name.

Star Trek Little Golden Books

These books are great introductions to some of our favorite “Star Trek” characters. There are four out in total including I am Mr. Spock, I am Captain Kirk, Too Many Tribbles, and a Star Trek Alphabet Book with things like “B” is for Borg.

Star Wars Jedi Academy Series

This series follows Roan and his family as he enters Jedi Academy. The series starts off with him leaving home and entering the academy. He wants to go and follow in his father and grandfather’s footsteps. Little does he know that there are many trials and challenges ahead. It’s told in the form of journal entries and comics and it is good for kids who like the Captain Underpants series. There are seven books total and after Roan’s story they follow Victor Starspeeder and Christina, Victor’s little sister.

Harry Potter Illustrated Box Set Books 1-3

If your kid has a hard time putting themselves into a story then these illustrated editions of the first three books in the “Harry Potter” series will help. In the books there are many images of characters and what they look like so that your child can create the image first by looking at the picture. Then follow along as you tell them the rest of the story.

Marvel Super Hero Electronic Reader with 8 Books

Looking to get your kids into Marvel but they’re still a bit too young to enjoy the films? This set comes with 8 books and an electronic reader so that they can enjoy the stories even when you don’t have time to read to them.

The Ultimate DC Super Hero Collection: 8 Bestselling Board Books

This set includes 8 great books that are really sweet and cover things like colors, shapes, opposites, ABC’s and 123’s. There’s also a great one called Even Super Heroes Sleep for the kids that don’t like to.

Super Mario Little Golden Book

Meet Mario in this Little Golden Book made by Nintendo! It’s game on for even the youngest gamers who love Super Mario when they meet Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and all their friends from the Mushroom Kingdom! 

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