Turkey Hat Sure to Impress the Entire Family for Thanksgiving

Last year most of us missed gathering with family due to COVID-19. They missed Uncle Bob’s drunken rants. They missed Aunt Suzie’s smug face. But most of all, they missed you! And how do you want to present yourself this year at the table? Might we suggest this amazing conversation starter of a hat?

Shein is not only known for fast fashion, but also their quirky add-ons. Think along the lines of Wish. Popping up in my directed advertisements today (because big brother is always watching how I shop) was this beautiful specimen. And the kicker is that it’s only $4! That means I can buy one for each of my family members at a low price and watch as they pretend that they like it. The trick is to have the same amount of enthusiasm when you present them to them as you do while wearing it. Sure they’ll think you’re off your rocker. But it’s a small price to pay for personal amusement.

You get a million bonus points if you sing the Thanksgiving song from “Bob’s Burgers” while wearing it. Maybe join in song together and make it a family tradition! And “Thank you for loving me” enough to read these silly articles.

sheinturkey hat