10 Best And Funnest Things To Do In Seattle With Your Roommate

Seattle is a fun city, and since it can be a little heavy on the pockets, young professionals prefer to share their accommodation and rent with roommates. Seattle is a tenant-friendly city, and you can easily find roommates using a trusted roommate finder if you are planning to move to Seattle anytime soon. Seattle has an eclectic vibe, and with so many neighborhoods, you have a hundred options to spend a fun day with your roommate. In case you don’t have a roommate and are looking for one, use Cirtru to find rentals and roommates in Seattle. We sorted the ten best things to do in Seattle with your roommate.

1. A Day on the Beach

Enjoy the Seattle beaches with your roommate. Source: Pixabay

Seattle has its fair share of the sea, and there are many beaches you can go to and chill. If you and your roommate love the beaches, you may head to West Seattle and relax on the beaches. You can plan this on a weekend or any other day in the evening to take a break from your hectic schedule. 

2. Enjoy the Ferry

Take a ride on the Seattle Ferry. Source: Pixabay

The ferries are the soul of Seattle, and if you or your roommate are new to the city, a ride on the ferry is a must-do thing in Seattle. You never know, you might actually end up liking it! Ferries are part of the water transport in Seattle, but a ride is worth the time as you will get to know the city in a much better way after the trip. You may even want to try the Elliot Bay Water Taxi that goes from Downtown to West Seattle. It is a passenger ferry and it is free.

3. Go for a Hike

Seattle has several green spaces, and you can plan a weekend hike with your roommate if you’re both into outdoor sports. There is nothing bad about exploring new things, even if you haven’t been on a hike before. You may choose Rattlesnake Ledge or Snow Lake if you both like hiking. In case you want to go for a short hike, you may explore Cherry Creek and Franklin Ghost Town. The city is called the Emerald City for its greenery, so you have many options to explore while planning a hike with your roommate. In conclusion, this could be one of the funnest things to do in Seattle.

4. Explore the Hidden Gems

If you and your roommate have been in Seattle for quite some time, you’ll surely enjoy exploring the hidden gems of the city. There are plenty of such treasures that you might know of, for example, The West Point Lighthouse, the Frye Art Museum, among others. It is a unique thing to do in Seattle and you will surely enjoy it a lot.

5. A Guided Food Tour

A guided food tour is probably the funnest thing to do in Seattle with your roommate. If you and your roommate are foodies,  a guided food tour is among the best things to do in Seattle. You can hire a food guide who can take you to some fantastic places, and you can get to soak in the lip-smacking flavors of the city. You can even take help from google and explore the city’s eateries by yourself.

6. The Space Needle Tour

Enjoy the views from the Seattle Space Needle. Source: Pixabay

Space Needle is a 605-foot tall observation tower and one of the best places to visit in Seattle because it gives a view of the entire city in one glimpse. Your roommate would never mind coming with you to such a magnificent place. There are cafes and restaurants up at the tower, so you will undoubtedly have a good time with them.

7. A Ride on The Seattle Great Wheel

Plan a ride in the Seattle Great Wheel with your roommate. Source: Pixabay

The Seattle Great Wheel is a must-visit place with your roommate and is one of the fun things to do in Seattle. No matter how long you have been in Seattle, a ride in this 40-feet tall Ferris wheel is worth it. You will need to get a coupon for this, and since it is near the bay, you’ll find plenty of restaurants and cafes to have a quality day with your roommate. The Seattle Great Wheel was once the largest of its kind on the West Coast of the country. You may even enjoy the occasional light shows. You and your roommate may even book a glass-bottom cabin for the ride and enjoy the ultimate view from the height.

8. A Day at Ballard Neighborhood

Explore the neighborhood of Ballard with your roommates. Source: Goodmigrations.com

Ballard is a trendy and eclectic neighborhood in Seattle. The area is filled with boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and many other exciting things. You and your roommate can plan an entire day to explore this area. The place has many bars and clubs and the nightlife is fantastic. This is one of the coolest things to do with your roommate in Seattle!

9. Plan a Day at Lake Union

Planning a picnic near Lake Union, Lake Union Park is one of the fun places to go to on a sunny afternoon with your roommate. Pack a few snacks and a blanket, spread it out, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake. You could even try boating in the lake, but swimming isn’t allowed as it is illegal to swim there.

10. Explore the Local Shops

Nothing could be more fun than exploring the local shops in any neighborhood. You and your roommate can simply explore the area while taking a walk. You may look up the internet for some local restaurants to try or somewhere to shop. You might end up discovering a hidden treasure!

Depending on your hobbies and mutual interests, you can find even more fun things to do in Seattle. Seattle is full of possibilities and enjoyment. As a young working professional, you might need a roommate as the rentals are expensive, and a roommate might save you from the Seattle Freeze. Fret not!

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