The Happiest Place on Earth Just Got More Expensive

Disneyland may bill itself as the Happiest Place on Earth, but with newly announced price hikes it feels like it is becoming the most prohibitively expensive place on Earth. This marks the fifth price hike in five years for the park. The last time we saw such a significant hike was in February of 2020. 

This comes on the heels of the sunsetting of the annual pass system. Its replacement, the Magic Key system, has been met with a considerable amount of grumbling. 

NEED to get yourself to one of the parks on one of the most popular dates in question? Well if you’re looking for a single day ticket, it’ll set you back $159. Oh but wait that’s only until March 2022, when the price of the top one-day ticket rises to $164. 

Peak dates are everything from weekends, to any number of dates surrounding holidays, to…. the majority of December.

The current pricing tier is still $104 for less trafficked days. If you’re patient or have a flexible schedule, you can still take advantage of that. Though we’re not sure how much of a consolation that is.

Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, courtesy Disney

The current pricing of tickets based on popularity days is $104, $119, $134, $149, and $159 (again that last one only being relevant until March 2022). 


One park not enough for you? A park hopper is ticket for one adult during peak dates it’ll cost you $219. So how much would it cost for a group consisting of two adults and two children to park hop on a peak date? A whopping $858. Single park admission would set you back $618 for the same group.

The least restricted Magic Key tier, the Dream Key Pass, is already sold out at $1399. The next tier down, the Believe Key Pass, is $949. At the time of writing Disneyland Park is only available for 3 days to those passholders. The majority of December is also blacked out entirely for those ticket holders. 

Oh and just to squeeze you a little bit more, parking at the park rose 20% from $20 to $25 per day.

With these Disneyland price hikes, do you think you’ll be able to head back to the parks any time soon?