Funny “What If…” Shirts You Need to Buy!

Marvel’s hit Disney + Series; “What If…” has spawned a lot of questions. Does the multiverse exist? Will all of the different Spider-men meet? What if Antman went up Thanos’ ass and used his pym particles to grow? Wait-what?

That’s right! And Nerd Up has a few other questions on these hilarious shirts. From DC to “Star Wars“, no question is off limits. Check them out below!

What If… Antman Went Up Thanos’ Ass? Unisex T-Shirt
What If… Kylo Wasn’t Such A Bitch? Unisex T-Shirt
What If… DC Movies Were Good? Unisex T-Shirt

More “What If…” T-Shirts are coming soon to Nerd Up, so make sure you follow them on their Facebook and Instagram!

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