iPhone Candy Dispenser Case for Those with a Sweet Tooth

If you have a sweet tooth and happen to own an iPhone 13 Max, you’ll probably be interested in this new phone case designed by Matty Benedetto.

Benedetto of Unnecessary Inventions has gone above and beyond with this new fully operational candy dispensing phone case. It has a mechanism like a pinball machine where you can pull back and a Skittle will shoot out. We prefer M&M’s, but Skittles probably won’t melt as easy considering it’s inside the phone case.

The design is cool, the back I’m not so sure of. The thickness of it makes it look like it would effect the camera. I’d like to see how his pictures turn out. Anyway here’s the start to finish video he made of his candy dispensing iPhone case! All we know is, he’s going to need cargo pants to fit this monster of a case.

We’re not sure if he’s going to add this to his shop page, but we certainly hope he does!

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