Hilarious Piano Accompaniment to Toddler’s Potty Song Goes Viral

Ever since watching “Monster’s Inc.” with Boo singing that adorable potty song, I’ve had a liking for the kinds of jingles kids make up. They don’t even realize how cute they are when they do it! Well, Hirokisan79 on TikTok has made a new piano accompaniment to TheCarSeatSeries potty song video, and it’s pretty great.


@thecarseatseries さんと一緒に #duet 元動画は音源ボタンから #toilet #potty #song

♬ original sound – Zoe & Mommy

Hirokisan79 does all kinds of piano accompaniments to things like animals singing and sometimes random items falling. He’ll basically play along to whatever tickles his ear. If you haven’t followed him yet on TikTok, you should!