Card Keychain Holders Perfect for Proving You’ve Been Vaccinated

With more and more places needing proof of vaccination to be entered it would make sense that people are looking for cute and creative ways to show off they have been. One shop on Etsy has come out with two nice designs so far. One features a plague doctor, and another is “Harry Potter” inspired.

Each of these card holders are $15.99, and can hold a standard vaccination card. You can attach them to backpack pulleys, keychains and lanyards.

When constructing your item, I pay close attention to detail. Jump strings, clear vinyl and the item itself are all cut carefully and professionally.
Protect your vaccination card! Each holder is made with marine vinyl with a clear vinyl window. This will hold the standard US issued 3″ x 4″ vaccination record cards. If your card is bigger (some are), you may need to trim a bit off the top and bottom of card to fit. Best to measure, before purchasing

Thomaspark on Etsy

If your vaccination card doesn’t fit then you can either scan and resize it or just trim a bit. I expect to see a lot more designs of these in the future from other Etsy retailers but for now I’ve only been seeing ones that make light of getting vaccinated. Like these card holders from Racoon City.

The Resident Evil ones are available from LittleDumplingArts for $11. Other ones I have seen are some designed around the game “Fallout.” And some are based on more pop culture like this one designed like something Captain America would have.

Or this one that has experiment 626, Stitch!

Any of these would make a great accessory and the best part is when it’s attached to your keys you don’t have to worry about digging around for it in your wallet!

vaccination card holder