Game Boy Transformer Made from LEGO NES Kit is AMAZING!

When LEGO released their classic Nintendo game consol kit, I thought it was pretty cut and dry what you could make with it. But then again, I lack imagination because what Moko Brick Laboratory did with some of the parts is next-level awesome.

Moko Brick Labs managed to turn the classic NES (with tv!) into a freaking transformer and Game Boy!

The NES Kit from LEGO
Moko’s Game Boy Build
Moko’s Game Boy transformed!

From what I can tell, these are all parts included in the LEGO set. Moko didn’t add additional pieces. I would assume that if they had they would have said so in the description of the video. If you have a keen eye though watch the whole video, since I don’t own the set myself I don’t know all the parts that come with it. But a LEGO aficionado would have an easier time knowing what came with what.

I tried to make a Game Boy type Legorobo by rearranging. It completely transforms from Game Boy mode to Robot mode. The video also shows how to make it, so if you are interested, please try it.

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