Pumpkin Spice Cup Noodles- It’s Better Than You’d Think! [Review]

You may think to yourself “ewwww.” How could Cup Noodles pair up with the fall favorite flavor of pumpkin spice? How could they pull this off and not have it taste horrible? Well folks, Nissin sent me the new flavor to try and I’m here to say… It’s not bad! I predict when these officially hit shelves they’re going to be hard to keep stocked.

When I got the package I was excited to see what a large box it came in. First I thought maybe they sent me 3 or 4 but instead it was some wintery clothing to keep warm with. Not great for summer but hey, I still put them on to take a picture with. It should be noted that I don’t think they’ll have this grand of a box when they release it at Walmart. But it’s still a cool thing to pick up even without the added accessories.

The Smell

When you open the cup you’re greeted with sweet smell of pumpkin spice. There is still a little bit of a salty smell though which I picked up on.

Cooking instructions on the cup say you can microwave it but I went old-school and boiled water. Too many warnings about not microwaving the cup from when I would eat these almost daily have made my thought process to just boil water. When the water hit the noodles and flavoring, it was a blast of delicious pumpkin spice.

It was pretty cool and it smelled like it would taste ok so I dove in.

The Taste

If you like regular Cup Noodles you’ll enjoy this. I wouldn’t say the flavor is so extreme that it would put you off. It tasted sweet and a bit salty at the same time. It will also have the same familiar texture of noodles you’re used to eating with other flavors.

It’s a nice blend of sweet, savory and spiced. And the broth was delicious too. The broth was more of a pumpkin spice sauce than just the flavored water left over from other cup noodles. They recommended putting a dollop of whip cream on it but I was fresh out unfortunately. But the good news is it tasted great even without it.

Final Thoughts

If you want to try this you should! It’s limited edition so they may not bring it back next year. I hope they do though because it’s now going to be added to my pumpkin spice tradition. Right up there with getting my first Pumpkin Spice Frappe from Starbucks!

I think this is definitely worth having. The only thing that could make it better is to pair it with a pumpkin pie for dessert.

Pumpkin Spice Cup Noodles will exclusively hit Walmart shelves nationwide in late October. 

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