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Sites That Allow You To Watch Movies On The PS4

The PlayStation 4 is ideal for movie lovers. It not only acts as a blu-ray player and lets you enjoy streaming services like Netflix right from the console, but it also has a variety of great movies ready to view or ready to be rented directly from the PlayStation Store. 

A survey in 2016 revealed that “50 percent of those with gaming consoles also use them to watch movies.” Of course, you can watch your favorite content on Disney Plus from your PS4, too, as there are numerous binge-worthy movies and TV shows on Disney Plus. However, you’ll have to pay for a subscription in that case. 

So, if you are looking for websites that will allow you to watch movies on your PlayStation for free, you are at the right place. No matter what you want to watch, the following websites are the best places to watch blockbuster movies, breakthrough movies and more on your PS4..

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Therefore, I have prepared this guide to help you find the best sites where you can stream movies directly on your PS4.

Sites that allow you to watch your favourite movies:


It is one of the most popular websites for streaming free movies from anywhere. When you use the above method, it often appears as the first search result. 

PutLocker is usually a safe choice, and you will almost always find the movie you want to watch on the first page and save you the trouble of clicking on many harmful and malicious links. Please pay attention to the pop-up window when you click the play button, though.


In case you have any movies downloaded on your computer and you want to stream them on your PS4 without engaging in any file transfers, then download the free Plex app

Plex allows you to watch movies available on your device or any other device, where you download the application, and the PS4 application works well. This is great for downloading movies to your PC and streaming them directly from your PS4.


Another website that has an extensive variety of popular movies is Movie-Tube.

After opening MovieTube, press the play button once; you will see a pop-up window, but pressing and holding the circle should close it immediately. Make sure you click on the correct video, as it is well known that the site confuses some visitors with many unnatural links.

Best part is that it also has content from Netflix. You can watch Netflix’s best survival movies on MovieTube. 


You can also watch movies through Twitch on your PS4. Other than that, if you want to watch your favourite streamers live, the Twitch app is for you. 

You can open the PlayStation Store from the main menu, go to the Applications section, and download the application.

After installing the app, you can search for your favourite streamer or choose a game that interests you and let the pleasure of watching begin.


Install YouTube on your PS4 if you want to watch movies, game broadcasts, etc. 

Simply go to the PlayStation Store from the main menu, open the applications section, and choose the YouTube app to download it.

Once the app is downloaded, search for interesting movies and let the fun begin.


Now that you know the sites where you can stream free movies on your PS4, let me be clear that the experience of paid streaming services is always better than free streaming. 

Streaming giants like Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu etc. have the best variety of content, easy access, and features that ensure a completely hassle-free streaming.

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