Of COURSE Raw Herring Ice Cream Exists in the Netherlands

Now here’s one that we don’t get to talk about often. Fish ice cream. At a scoop shop in Rotterdam, Netherlands Robin Alting decided to add a traditional flavor to his menu- raw herring!

If that doesn’t sound appealing enough the herring ice cream is flavored with onion, sugar, and cream. So you get the texture of ice cream with the smell and taste of herring. Yummy!

If the Netherlands can have raw fish ice cream then the United States can have condiment flavored ice cream. There are some places that have ketchup/mayo flavored ice cream for dipping French fries in. Other places have straight up mustard.

I’m not one to turn up my nose at something different. I mean I’ll try anything once. I’d probably want to be near a toilet or a bucket when I did, but I’d try it none-the-less. Would you try something like this? There’s a first time for everything. I wonder what it would pair well with?

And even the creator says you should probably stick to one scoop.

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