Video Store Candle Smells Like Blockbuster and Nostalgia

There was once a time when you were able to walk into a store filled with movies ranging from “It Happened One Night” to “The Matrix.” For patrons of the old brick and mortar stores like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, one could spend hours browsing the selection for movie night. If you’re feeling nostalgic for those days and want to go on a time travel trip- there’s now a candle for that. Maybe not physically back in time but definitely give you a trip down memory lane.

We present to you the Video Store candle.

The Video Store Candle

Now your home can smell like an old time video store! No need to rewind, and forget about late fees – these candles are for keeps. Wafts of buttered popcorn mixed with a dusty carpet aroma and just a hint of stale candy will awaken memories long lost.

Scent Profile: Popcorn – Carpet – VHS

• Top Notes: Butter, Carpet Fibers, Dust, Sugar
• Mid Notes: Popcorn, VHS Box
• Base Notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood

I’m going to get this candle for a few reasons. One the library I’m making in my new home will smell perfect since it’s a library of mostly dvd’s and a few VHS tapes. And second I used to work at Blockbuster and I REALLY miss it. I can’t express enough how nice it was having customer interactions and getting to know your regulars. Movie discussions and recommendations and then the explicit joy of alphabetizing the movie wall. It’s something I’m a bit sad my kids won’t get to experience as their first jobs. But that’s life and at least I’ll have this candle to make me feel better.

Pick up your own Video Store candle here.

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