Fortune and Glory: “Indiana Jones 5” Starts Filming in the UK

We’ve been waiting for more concrete evidence that the upcoming 5th installment of “Indiana Jones” was indeed ramping up filming in the UK this month, and here we are. There had been several ‘reports’ (c’mon, reddit isn’t exactly what we’d consider a completely accurate source) indicating that sets have been completed, and even a Harrison Ford sighting near Pinewood Studios. Sure, it’s not an official production kickoff announcement from Disney, but we’re expecting that anytime now.

Deadline, who claims exclusive knowledge despite every UK outlet having the exact same info at this point, says the cameras will start rolling next week.

Ford will wear the iconic brown fedora once again, bringing Henry Jones Jr., the most popular archeology professor at Marshall College, back to the silver screen. Of course Indiana Jones needs some pals and at least one villain, so for this outing we’ll see Mads Mikkelsen, Phoebe Waller Bridge, Boyd Holbrook, Shaunette Renée Wilson, and Thomas Kretschmann on cast as well.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” photo courtesy of Disney

James Mangold (“Logan,” “Ford vs Ferarri“) is directing. David Koepp was originally writing the script, but has since left. Jonathan Kasdan, son of “Raiders of the Last Ark” scribe Lawrence Kasdan and brother of “Jumanji” writer Jake Kasdan, was brought in to take a crack at the story.

And, if adventure has a name- it’s Maestro John Williams, who will score the film.

We’re expecting additional updates from Disney soon, and hopefully more news about Bethesda’s upcoming Indiana Jones” video game title for Lucasfilm Games.

So, while we’re waiting for more information, why not pick up the Indiana Jones” 4K box set, which will start shipping next week!

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