Next Big Thing for Fursonas and Cosplay: The miTail!

There is a new accessory coming to the cosplay and furry community called the miTail. The miTail is a fully app-controlled electronic tail that you can wear and express your emotions. The tail can be worn and put into auto mode where it will move by itself, or you can have the app tell it to do specific things.

There is currently a Kickstarter for the product, which has gotten a lot of interest.

If you were ever looking for a way to express yourself with a tail- this is it!

Our desire to create the most lifelike, natural moving tail has never stopped. We are proudly called The Tail Company – all our research goes in to creating the best moving tails in the world. Our animatronic tails are worn everywhere – to give life to your Cosplay or fursona, at Festivals and for LARPing, on TV and film, by kitty girls and boys and many others.

The miTail itself is skeletal so you can put different covers on it for different animals. You can have anything from a slim cat tail to a more fluffy fox tail. And the colors are limitless so you can easily order a tail for your original character.

Charged by next generation super fast USB-C, you can also take a power bank with you if you wanted to charge it on the go.

This would be super cute if you wanted to get one for your cosplays of character! For instance you could make a Vaporeon tail and have it be part of your humanized cosplay of the Pokémon. It would make it look like you’re swimming through those convention crowds!

If you pledge $149 USD, you will get a ‘naked’ version which can then be customized to fit your current cosplays or fursonas. Larger pledges get more perks. You can check out the miTail Kickstarter campaign here.

electronic tailmiTailmoving tailtail with app